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Las Vegas Woman Sues

As a Las Vegas resident and native, this caught my eye. Mary Kay Beckman is suing for 10 million dollars after being attacked by a man that she dated for 8 days and then broke up with. The word attack doesn’t begin to describe the horror this woman went through.

WadeMitchellRidley  Wade Mitchell Ridley hid in her garage and viciously stabbed her over 10 times. When the knife broke he began to stomp on her head. It is a miracle she lived. In fact, Ridley thought he left her for dead. He was arrested not only for her attack but for killing his ex girlfriend in Phoenix in February of 2011. Ridley killed himself in prison last year. This is a tragic and devastating incident. It is a reminder of always being safe and a reminder that sometimes you never know a person. The lawsuit is for 10 million dollars and based on the fact that did not disclose the dangers of internet dating. So here’s my two cents…

How did he know where she lived? If they only knew each other for 8 days-how did he know? Perhaps he was a stalker. This guy had no criminal record, how is responsible? Isn’t it just as dangerous to meet some strange man at a bar? Where do we draw the line? Although I am tired of online dating, I do not feel anyone could have prevented this. I am so so so so sorry for what happened-but I do not think the lawsuit is justified.  I think the real moral here is… be as careful as possible while dating. The truth is…there is ALWAYS a danger. We do not know who we are letting into our lives…Once again I am sorry but if I had any advice for Las Vegas daters it would be to be careful and be prepared. Wonder what other’s thoughts are?

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