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Date Gone Bad!!!


What do you do when your date totally embarrasses you?  I recently went out with this woman who I met online.  Our first “coffee date” was pretty cool and I thought she was really nice. On our second date we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant. She ordered a salad.  When the  waitress brought it out my date came completely unglued!  She totally freaked out saying this salad doesn’t look the same as the salad she had last time she was there. What was the matter with it!  She gave the waitress a really hard time and demanded to see the manager.  The waitress and the manager were doing everything possible to make her happy, they brought her another salad they gave her a bunch of extra stuff, they apologized profusely but nothing would make her happy she complained during the entire dinner.  In the meantime I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to do. Her salad looked fine to me, but she was throwing a fit. We finished eating and she took everything she could off the table and put it in her purse.  I was so embarrassed I left the server a 50% tip and we left.

I thought maybe this was just a one-time thing and so we went out again the next week.   We went to another really nice restaurant and she threw another fit!  She had to call in the manager and complain about one of the servers it was so embarrassing I wanted to crawl under the table.  Needless to say I am not calling this woman back and truthfully, I hope I never see her again. 

 What should a guy do when his date is embarrassing him like crazy?


Wowsers! I am sorry to say I laughed pretty hard at the imagery of someone stealing everything off the table. I think the question posed to me is, “What do you do in this type of situation?”

Advice: Well honestly Anonymous, I would not go on another date with that person! Also, if a date ever steals things off the table, then you should probably not ask her out again. (just sayin..) Although, I think that is “hindsight is 20/20″ type of advice. My real advice is if you are ever in that type of awkward, bad vibe, geesh this date is cray cray type of scenario again….end it. I literally would say something like this,”I can tell you are having a rough night and this is not my idea of appropriate behaviour. Thank you for meeting me but this is not what I am looking for.” (I promise you I have actually said something along those lines before during a bad date.) You see most people don’t handle things that way so they are shocked by it. If you say it firmly, politely, and in a manner that leaves no room for argument..I guarantee you will catch them off guard enough to make an exit. I left a bad date with his jaw wide open in a similar manner in the middle of dinner. He called me to apologize but really… just can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. (I’m full of useless clichés tonight!) You can choose to not tolerate that type of behavior and tell the bad date that and RUN or…………You can always go the bathroom and not come back. I prefer directness BUT the choice is up to you!

Until Next Time….Ciao!


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Top 10 Places for Dates in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, my home town, is a treasure trove of fabulous date night spots.  There are many things to do outside of the typical yet beautiful resorts and night clubs.  I’ve created a catchall list of places I think make for a great date night. I would like to think I’ve included a little something for everyone. (These are not necessarily in any particular order.)

  1. Marche Bacchus -This is a delightful spot located in the Summerlin area. It has a lakeside view and an onsite wine shop. It has been my experience that you can’t go wrong with delicious French food combined with excellent wine and a waterside view. This equals a romantic evening.
  2. KISS by Monster Mini Golf – What a fun spot! Even if you do not care for the band..and let’s face it KISS kinda rocks. Not only that but for a nominal fee you can wear the boots and get a souvenir picture! That rocks all by itself!
  3. The Cellar Lounge – Great prices and a truly one-of-a kind atmosphere for Las Vegas. This unique setting is actually downstairs. They offer a variety of blues and jazz music and even host an open mic night. (I’d never personally sing there because I like the atmosphere too much to destroy it with the sounds of an injured cat but hey it might be an option for you.)
  4. The Fremont Street Experience – I know this doesn’t sound romantic but I LOVE going there during the Summer of Concerts season. It is affordable fun, live music and the opportunity to people watch.
  5. Peppermill Las Vegas – Entering the Peppermill is like being transported to a different era of Las Vegas. (it’s the strip technically but much easier to get to off of the 15 and Sahara.) The food is fabulous, the drinks are unique and the lounge is a great spot to hang with your honey.
  6. Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing – I think there is a little kid in all of us that loves racing cars around a track. What sets this place apart is the cars go up to 50 mph and the track is well designed. Also, Las Vegas gets HOT. I like to be able to race indoors. Dating can be romantic but sometimes it should be fun too!
  7. WestWind Las Vegas 5 Drive In – We STILL have ONE Drive In movie theater left. Who doesn’t like the idea of cuddling next to your date while relaxing in your own vehicle during a movie. It can be its own form of romantic.
  8. Haunted Vegas Tours – I honestly didn’t see Bugsy Seigel’s ghost but it sure was interesting to hear about all the rich Las Vegas history I was completely unaware of.  Enjoy a mutual laugh while trying to conduct a paranormal investigation or see a ghost?. Who knows?
  9. Mount Charleston – Get out of the Las Vegas heat for a while and go have dinner at the lodge. Or plan a hike and visit the lounge afterwards.  A hike with your sweetie might be just the ticket. If you are looking to book a getaway this can also be a great spot. The cabins are nice and they have upgraded rooms. Winter or summer this is a nice spot only 45 minutes away from the center of Las Vegas.
  10. The National Atomic Testing Museum – Even if your date doesn’t like science, this is worth a visit . Discover information about mysterious Area 51, a personal favorite.  If you are tired of the typical stuff, I recommend switching it up and giving this place a shot.

I am probably leaving out at least 100 other places. Until Next Time…Ciao!

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What Do You Attract??

I know I’ve written about my affinity for bad boys. MMMMHMMMM I love me a bad boy. However, I don’t WANT to want a bad boy…oh no! I married one of the baddest-it stops being fun I promise. Now, he’s gone tragically. That means I’m left-as usual-to hold all the pieces. BUT…I’m straying off topic.

If you dismiss the fact the other man I loved was completely different, the only other guy that caught my interest and qualified as more than “meh” was a mystery dude who I am pretty sure is shacking with a woman. (I kinda really liked him for some reason. Gosh I’m a dumb ass ) So I took a poll of all the guys I’ve dated and…well scratch that. I took a poll of all the guys that I have dated RECENTLY and had chemistry with and the answer is surprising…

  • Out of the last 5 guys I’ve dated and thought..hmmm maybe (I’m not a serial dater anymore) 4 ..yes I said 4..have been in law enforcement

Police Officer

  1. Detective
  2. US Marshall
  3. Gang Unit
  4. Detective
  • The remaining guy, I’m pretty sure was a thug. Yeah I’m almost positive. Why you ask? Well…he drove a Mercedes, always had a huge stack of 100’s, wore very nice jewelry and his job was non-existent. Derr. He WAS nice though and had an excellent vocabulary. (Um yeah that kinda matters to me.)

This wouldn’t have even been worth posting about if I hadn’t just had another Police Officer ask me out. One of my girlfriends finally pulled me aside and said, “Sara you need to ask yourself why thugs and police officers ask you out all the time.” hmmmm…I don’t know! I can be in my church clothes

and this guy will hit me up… Blinging grill

Seriously, I LOVE Nelly but get that crap out of your mouth!

*******DISCLAIMER******* I love men in uniform and totally respect law enforcement so I don’t mind dating them. Also, I already admitted to liking bad boys. So I am not judging either groups.

What I would like to see is some variety! In conclusion, I am examining what type of energy I am putting out there. Also, I am going to be more open to different types of men.  I wish I could say I have some specific advice but I don’t. I DO have a moral. Are you only attracting or dating one specific type of person? Is it working?  If it’s not, maybe you should try to explore. Just a thought my peeps….

Until next time….Ciao!

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I Don’t Owe You NUTHIN!

I wasn’t going to blog about this but its been festering and boiling and out it comes….My New Year’s Eve was spent on a first date. Yeah I know what you’re thinking…Bold move…right? Well yes, I know it was but he was a seemingly nice guy. We had been talking on the phone for a while if it’s any consolation.

Okay, Okay,  I guess we were only talking on the phone for about a week but who’s counting right? He’s a somewhat successful and somewhat prominent man in town but I’m a lot like Shania Twain..”That don’t impress me much.” However, it’s certainly not a bad thing. Well, I am talking to him about the evening and he states would I be open to staying out all night. I tell him, “You mean like really late?”  He didn’t exactly answer me. (It just never dawns on me that he might mean something else. I promise it didn’t.) Then he told me he planned on getting a room because drinking was involved. (Once again, this makes sense to me because a DUI on his record will ruin his career.) AND…Just like that the date is scheduled.

We arrive at the designated meeting place and decide on eating Sushi. I love me some Sushi so  this isn’t a bad start. We get to the restaurant and he makes the waiter move us three times. In fact, the Manager actually came by to visit us and ensure we are okay. Naturally, we start drinking. At this point, I really kinda need a drink. After a couple of drinks, my dates ego starts to grow. In fact he implies certain things that are starting to make me wonder if this is the “real” person and the liquor is making him put his guard down. I love me an ego on a man too-almost as much as Sushi but I do not like people who feel entitled. Cuz really you’re not….

ImageMr. Date proceeds to let me know that he is a king and he only has the best. He implies that this is why he is spending the holiday with me. (what’s that I smell???? Oh you’re following me, I know you are…) He also lets me know he does nothing without a purpose and asks me, “Why are you here with me?” I reply with, “Um to get to know you.” He lets me know that is a bad answer….Uh Okay dude….we ring in the new year and this guy is pretty touchy feely. That’s okay too. I mean we are in a public place (so he can’t get out of hand) and it is New Year’s! 10, 9 ,8 ,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

As 2013 arrives, Mr. Date starts getting pushier and starts trying to convince me to go to his room. Well that……….AINT GONNA HAPPEN. I am not that type of girl. He keeps pushing and anyone who knows me knows I am one STUBBORN chica. I said no and I meant it! So there…Well he became offended. Not only offended but he never called me again. How rude – yet an almost predictable response.


Since that night, I have been told that I should have expected it because it was New Year’s Eve. I guess I have to chalk it up to inexperience. To me a first date is a first date regardless of what day it falls on. AND I am NOT going to someone’s house/room on a first date. Derr…..

Moral: Always be prepared to stand up for your own unique set of values on a date. Always be prepared for the possibility of offending someone on a date. Always be prepared…

Until next time…Ciao!!!

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I just met you…and this is crazy…


But here’s my ring…marry my baby! Okay I am not a song writer but I just have to talk about the time I went on a date and the man was planning our future-starting with…..the wedding! Actually this has happened to me on two occasions with different men but for the purposes of this post, I will stick with one experience.

I met a guy online that seemed great! We did everything right. We started by chatting online, moved on to talking on the phone almost every night and he even went to church!!! (That’s a big plus for me.) So we decide to meet. He takes me to a nice restaurant and stares at me strangely the whole time. This guy was HUGE and by huge I mean built like a UFC fighter! Needless to say his intense stare made me nervous. However, I decide even majorly buff guys can get flustered so I continue on the date. (Anyone else ever had a date so bad they slipped out by using the old I need to use the restroom move?? Come on..I know you have but we’ll talk later.) After dinner, we decided to go grab drinks.

He took me to a small bar-which I don’t mind-and it became clear he knew everyone there. Actually, knowing everyone there is an understatement. It was his best friend since grade schools bar and all of his childhood friends were there. I am now feeling like he is introducing me to his best friends on the first date. Awkward-right? Why yes it is! The first thing that happens is one of his friends saunters up to me and spends 30 minutes trying to convince me this guy was a great catch. Okay, okay I think it’s kinda cute that his friends are selling him. Slowly the date moves from awkward to bad.

My date turns to me and tells me he would like us to marry in the fall. I laugh out loud like this is a joke. Then he tells me that the first thing he will do is buy me a new car. (I’m growing offended.) My date proceeds to inform me that once we are married I will quit my job to run a business with him because he can tell I am good at business. (Now my “saratude” is starting to kick in.) Who does this joker think he is? I have taken care of myself for quite a while and am not about to have some clown start planning my future. On the first date? What the what??? If he thinks I am just looking for a paycheck or a sugar daddy-he’s got the wrong gal. I’m looking for a partner not a dictator.

I turn to him and say, “I think you need to relax buddy.” He blushed and told me okay. As the night continued I discovered that he is only interested in meeting a girl he can marry. Duh-right? I finished as quickly as possible and left without making a scene. I can’t help but see irony in this.

Isn’t it ironic that men I date (especially online) usually go one of two ways? I have found that some men want an instant relationship-as in just add water and LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME. Other men don’t seem to even want to try to have a relationship that is real. Can I get something in the middle please? Is it just me or does anyone else ever feel like the last normal person standing?

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