Single in Sin City

A good girls survival guide to dating in Las Vegas

The “Vegas Woman”

If you’ve never lived here you don’t know. You probably think every woman is a cocktail waitress or stripper and that she lives on the strip. Okay, hopefully you don’t think that but you would be surprised at what some people’s assumptions can be.  The truth is there are regular communities, schools, churches, etc that never get shown in the movies. However, until I became single I never realized the incredibly fast and shallow single dynamic that existed in this city. It’s like this subculture I knew nothing about.

Once I realized that it was so very unfamiliar, I was terrified.  Then…of course…I got over it.  I discovered my competition in this city is a type of female I am no match for. It’s a VEGAS Chic! She is the reason real women have to constantly prove themselves to real men (I said real men.) I love me some lists. Here is a down and dirty (I freaking love that phrase) list of common traits I see in a Vegas woman.

  • When they are in their twenty’s they are fresh still but have implants and are slowly lightening their hair or getting extensions, etc. It’s a process to be hotter and more perfect to obtain a rich dude or compete with the nightlife. They are often still fresh.larissa
  • When they are in their 30’s begin to spend all of their money on designer labels. If they have not hooked a rich guy yet, the self improvements will continue.
  • Single “Las Vegas” women will frequent all of the places where affluent men will be.
  • “Vegas” women will be over extended or use other creative means to maintain the constant upgrading of their bodies as well as to pay for the shiny BMW they drive. They usually earn less money than me but are always driving better cars and rocking better clothes. But hey I love driving an 8-year-old car with a broken window…really I do. heehee
  • The “Las Vegas Woman” will not always be about landing a rich guy. Sometimes, they just get so caught up in the shallowness of the city and the pace of it that they become lost in it.
  • A  “Las Vegas Women” at 40 will look like the ultimate poker player. Botox laden with an expressionless face and the mouth of a blow fish. It’s kind of scary.

blonde botox

  • At the end of their game, a “Las Vegas Woman” will look tired and worn out. They have moved too fast. It catches up. haggard woman

******QUALIFIER***** I am not speaking about EVERY Las Vegas woman. Um hello…I AM a Las Vegas resident AND a woman. I am not referring to every woman who lightens their hair or has surgery. It’s the reason behind the improvements. Most of the women I am referring to are looking for something.  So hey don’t be offended. I am born and raised here. I always knew these women existed. However, being compared to them is a MUTHA. The irony lies in the fact I always thought I would stand out MORE being so real. That is just not usually the case.  What a trippy city I live in! Ah well…be true to yourself peeps.

Until Next Time….Ciao!


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Who am I?

I am the one you ignored for weaker versions

I am the one you desperately wish you had now that I am gone

I am the one that supports herself and everyone around her

I am the one you assumed would always be there

I am the one that follows her heart

I am overlooked

I am misunderstood

I am underestimated

I get taken for granted

I am a warrior

I am brave

I am intimidating

I am beautiful

I am passionate

I am alone

I am resilient

I am the one left holding all the pieces together

I only cry when no one’s watching

I am the one that always smiles

I am the one that got away

I am the one you miss

Who am I?

I am a strong woman

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Random Observations About Dating

Yep I said random. Here’s some completely random stuff I have discovered while dating in Las Vegas…

  • PUT YOUR SHIRT ON!!! Man I am so tired of seeing online dating profiles of men with no shirt on and flexing in the mirror. COVER IT UP DUDE I don’t need to see it!
  • Has anyone else noticed that the majority of men that have online profiles are bald? Not losing hair but completely shaved? I’s real…
  • According to MSNBC 32% of men with online dating profiles are married. That’s 3 out of 10 men! Eeeeewwww….It’s true look it up!
  • Las Vegas has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. Derrr right?
  • I have come across more Virgo single men in this city than any other sign. Look if you’re a Virgo, I am not hating..I’m just saying…
  • Has anyone mastered the first date hug/handshake protocol? Seriously..I am so tired of should I hug..should I handshake? Both? Uggh..
  • Did you know there is an internet dating conference that is held in Las Vegas almost every year? Um Noooooo I’ve never been to one but it’s a fact. The next one is January 16, 2013 and the info is Don’t look for me cuz I won’t be there
  • Did you know Las Vegas has a very LARGE market for lock and key events-speed dating? I will be attending the next one in January so look for my post. I am kinda scurred (pronounced sceeeeerrrrrd)
  • One More Time! PUT YOUR SHIRT ON for your online dating profile picture..Geesh that is one of my pet case you can’t tell.

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