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Try Something Different

Albert Einstein

I watch my friends repeat themselves all the time. Um yes…I make mistakes all the time. However, it’s easier to see a problem from the outside. It just is. (Now that we’ve cleared that up, I will continue.) I observe my friends falling for the same type of person over and over and over and…the relationships fail. I am going to use case studies.

I have a male friend that only dates party girls. Yes, over time the women have gotten a little less stripper and perhaps a little more barfly. Maybe that’s not even being fair..but definitely not a “good girl.” (I am not dogging out my wild sisters…I love you guys and I am often amazed at the ability to be so carefree.) However, my friend wants a family. He feels his male clock is ticking at 36. (SIDE NOTE: Neither men nor women should feel rushed to settle. There are plenty of people who start families later in life.) Back to the point! The women he gravitates toward are pretty in a harder way and usually like to party and usually date a LOT of different men. Do you see where I am going with this? These women DO NOT want a family or a husband. Well…not usually. So what happens? He ends up getting hurt and then he is just so shocked by it, he falls into a slump. All I can think of is that old fable about the woman who saved a snake…then the snake bites her. The snake replies with, “You knew I was a snake when you saved me.”

I know a woman in a similar boat. She always dates douche bags. The type of men that purposely treat her poorly then disappear for a while. (I know you know the type of man I am talking about.) Then they end up breaking up with her or cheating and she comes running to me in tears. Why is she always dating jerks? The last one I spotted within thirty minutes of meeting him by the way he was checking out every girl he saw…while she was with him. Poor thing doesn’t want to listen and I only offer solicited advice. I try to not mettle in others affairs. Do you see how this pattern of repetitively choosing the same type of guy is NOT working? I wish she did.

Moral for today: Can I be blunt? Of course I can! This is my blog! The truth is…you can’t ALWAYS do the same thing over and over and expect different results. If you are getting the SAME type of problems OVER and OVER again…try looking for common denominators. Is it you? Is it the type of person you are dating? Is it both? I don’t know…but as I’ve said before..If you want a different result, you have to DO different things. It’s really logical if you think about it. Look for patterns and change them. If this is something you can relate to, try it! Do it for science. Albert Einstein coined it well when he said:

definition of madness


Until Next Time….Ciao!

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Pride Leaves You Lonely

Sorry I haven’t posted in a minute. I’ve been busy living life. You know how it is..just a simple woman trying to not freak out in unfamiliar territory. However, I gotta share this email! This is another reader who is looking for advice that I can relate to. As usual, I got permission and made it anonymous as well as shorter-blah blah blah.

Dear Sara,

I am in a relationship with someone and I am getting mixed signals. Sometimes he calls me and reaches out to me frequently and sometimes he goes days with only random text messages. When I question him about it, he always throws it back that I didn’t call him either……He makes me feel like he goes days without thinking about me. I do call him but I don’t always want to be the one to initiate………What am I doing wrong? Or am I just wasting my time?



I had to cut out a lot of this email but the gist of it is that she feels like he only thinks of her when he’s bored or has nothing else to do. When she confronts him it becomes a pride issue for both parties. I can’t tell her or anyone else if you’re wasting time. I’m not you and I’m not him. I have to go with my gut feeling on this one. It seems like pride is in the way. I am going to wrap this little post up quickly with my advice.

Ladies: Do not allow any man to make you feel unimportant. If he doesn’t care enough to hear your voice or make a phone call…uh next please. However, don’t let pride get in the way of calling. It’s not a game, its real life. I think sometimes the issue happens because as women we are taught to let a man have space. It’s hard..I get it..I really do.

Men: When do you let your woman know you care? Before someone else does. Ha! I love that line! Seriously, why aren’t you making an effort? Is it because you think she’s playing a game. Do you know how hard it is to open up as a woman? I know for me, it’s very hard to let someone in. If you care about her, it’s quid quo pro yo! Give back to her and watch how much a good woman gives in return. Pride aint ever got nobody nuthin! (In proper grammar: Pride leaves you lonely.) A woman wants to know you care enough to keep in touch regularly. Derr.

Until Next Time…Ciao!

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What You MEANT Doesn’t Matter..derr

At what point are we accountable for our own actions? I get bad actions as the result of trauma or issues. I was married to an alcoholic for 13 years and my mother is a drug addict. I am compassionate to the fact that I understand it’s an illness. Some people argue that it’s not. I watched a good man battle demons he could not control. I watched him become someone he secretly despised which just fed the disease. BUT at what point does that excuse people from their actions? I may get some angry emails from this but I’m sorry it doesn’t matter. Man is defined by his actions. I just don’t care about the disease or the why. I only care about the selfish actions. I only care about the results. For example: You may be an alcoholic but at what point is it your fault for tormenting people in a drunken rage? The first time? The second? The 100th? I believe in forgiveness but I also believe in not allowing someone to continuously hurt me on the grounds that they didn’t mean to. So someone’s been hurt or has an addiction and is now treating others poorly. Why should he/she get a pass? I have no free pass. Why should you? In my humble opinion, the only people who get a pass are children. However, once they grow up they are also accountable for their actions. We are accountable. I could apply this to so many aspects of life. I worry about a society that thinks it can justify anything with, “he had a terrible home life.” Give me a break. No one better ever use that on me. I have had things happen to me too. I only mention it because if you are scarred that’s okay. We all have scars. I have a scar literally on my face to remind me of my childhood. It’s okay to have a history. I am not judging that.  It’s okay.

What’s NOT okay is to justify actions on the grounds of he/she didn’t mean it. I am not saying don’t forgive. It’s not about that. Forgiveness is divine. I suppose boundaries apply here.  I have seen girlfriends of mine hurt over and over because her husband doesn’t mean to do it. I have seen men cheated on over and over because they believed deep down the woman is good. I have been hurt because he didn’t mean to do it. I may not mean to do something once…but if I am repeatedly hurting someone it doesn’t matter why it only matters that I am. So like um is there a point? (yes there is) but I’m gonna be blunt about it because that’s the mood I’m in….

Ladies: Please quit trying to change some guy you’re with because he doesn’t mean to do the things he did. I can’t stress this next part enough: it doesn’t matter if he is really a good man inside. What are his actions? If he’s acting like a douche he is one. “A man is the sum of his actions…” by Gandhi, Mahatma.

Gentleman: Stop trying to turn a bad woman into a good one. Do not let yourself be fooled with drama queens (they come in all types of packages.)  “You can’t turn no hoe into no housewife.” by Ludacris

Boom goes the dynamite.

Until next time..Ciao!

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8 Signs You Are Dating A Douche

Oh yeah I so went there! I’ve learned a few things during my dating adventures. Pollyanna Sara is not quite as dumb as she used to be. This chica has learned a few things and has a better idea of what to avoid. (Some of you might be like: “Wow this girl didn’t know that!” Well some of them I didn’t so no judging!)

***Also, to my male readers, I’ve got something I’m working on for you. (I’ve been conducting super sleuth research. You will be amazed..err maybe not amazed but at least mildly impressed..I hope)***  Back to the topic at hand…

The guy might be a douche if:


  • He never ever asks you a single thing about yourself (I can almost guarantee it’s because he doesn’t care.)
  • If the guy only calls or texts you on a Friday (He probably just wants to hook up.)
  • He texts you randomly and never responds to you (I have heard of a program that allows people to “mass” text people. Effin RUDE to text someone and disappear! ugh!) 
  • If he has brass balls-not the kind used for sports-hanging from the back of his truck (I know there are always exceptions but this screams Douche. sorry)
  • If you met him online and over half of his pictures are of him topless (Anyone who follows my blog knows how I feel about this. PUT.A.SHIRT.ON..geesh)
  • The guy you’ve been on a couple of dates with that asks for pictures of you non stop. (Hey, send me a pic of those great legs. Um NO!)
  • Any guy you’re dating that ceaselessly sends you pictures of himself-in bed, getting out of the shower, etc. (Yeah…I don’t get it.)
  • A guy who doesn’t understand why he’s been single for over three years but thinks two weeks is enough time to score a home run. (This one is personal-so what?)
  • ANY guy who asks YOU out on a date but thinks you should pay (This has not happened to me but it has happened to friends of mine. If it did happen to me I guarantee you the conversation would go like this, “You can get the bill-you asked me out and I left my wallet at home.” BOOM!)

I know I said 8 and I gave you 9. So sue me! The truth is I could probably go on and on. I know there are good men out there. However, as I reflect on the men I’ve met, I can’t help but wonder where they are?

MORAL: If you are a man who read this and thought, “This isn’t me.” GOD Bless you. Thank you for being a real man. If you are a man who read this and thought, “I do that.” STOP IT! Pretty Please? If you are a woman who read this and can relate…keep your head up. There are great men out there….I’ve met some-but they were married to great women…but some of them have to be single-I just know it!

Until next time…Ciao!

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No Means No!

So I went through something kind of traumatic last weekend.  (I need a break.) I just need to clear my head.  Tonight I feel mostly better.

I usually don’t post about my dating life in journal fashion. The purpose of my blog is to offer dating guidance and cover different struggles I encounter. There are a lot of great blogs out there that share specifics and I love to read them but it’s not my intention to share all of my dating life with you. My purpose is to share wisdom I’ve learned. However, I do share when I think it’s something of value. (My NYE was a good example.)

I met a man and went out on a few dates with him. He was very very nice. He called me all the time, and sent me wonderful text messages. It was actually very refreshing. I like it when a man shows me he is interested.  He made it a point to let me know several times how desirable and great I was. However, on the third date things changed. He was very pushy and aggressive and when I tried to slow him down (I mean I’ve only known this homeboy for two weeks) he became angry.

Once I got the situation calmed and was able to leave he sent me a text stating that the reason most men stop talking to me around the third date is because I don’t put out. NOW I’M UPSET! I mean What the What??? It was one thing to have to tell this creep to keep his filthy paws off my silky draws now he’s telling me why I’m doomed to be single. I couldn’t leave this alone….I asked, “Do you mean if a woman doesn’t put out on the third date. men think there is no future?” He said, “Yes, that is the way a man thinks.” I finally told him this conversation was depressing me and to have a good night. AND….

I cried. I cried hard (first I was actually scared for my physical safety and then I was told I’m a prude who’s doomed to be alone.) and then…Well…I called BullShit. Not so..I mean it can’t be the truth. Right?? How can I EVER move beyond a third date if that’s how it goes. TWO weeks??? That’s just not my style. I mean unless it was love at first sight or something. Then I calmed the next day. Once that happened I realized how very STUPID that man was. Men looking for a relationship will take their time. (um no I’m not saying 1 year) but enough time for a quality woman to be comfortable. I then decided to let it go.

Then the next day this Mutha F%^&*() texts me, “Don’t be depressed, just realize that’s how a man thinks.” OH NO HE DIDN’T..THIS FOOL DON’T KNOW ME!!! My response was this, “I’m not depressed. I’ve decided that any guy that expects me to have sex with him on the third date after only two weeks is not the type of man I want. I’ve also spoken with other men that don’t agree with you. They don’t want to be with a woman who gives it away so easily. So I guess it depends on the guy. I’m looking for someone who actually cares about me first and there’s nothing wrong with that. I can tell you that I was expecting something different from you. If you only date women that put out in two weeks, it’s probably the reason why you are still single after three years. Most – not all- but most women who do that are not looking for a relationship. You have two daughters, would you want them with men that thought like that? It might be something you should think about.” BOOM!

Yet he texts me again! (Really???)  “Maybe but I didn’t think that you felt that spark for me and that’s okay. I wish you the best and good luck.” I say it again: Really??? I know I should have stopped but I couldn’t help myself. I replied, “Well I don’t anymore but I was interested. LOL Good Luck to you too.” Observations and a  Moral…Oh yeah I got several!

1. This man was ONLY nice to me for a specific reason-not cuz he liked me for me. Good one buddy.

2. There is NO time frame on sex. I don’t care what you say. It could be three dates it could be 20. It’s when it feels right. (oh and maybe once you take the time to even learn something about me) jerk.

3. Ladies..BE SAFE! I never saw this attitude coming and this might have had a very tragic ending. You don’t always know who you are dating.

IRONY: Oh yeah…This cat actually had a chance. I was attracted to him and it’s been so long since someone made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. Dumb Ass... Also, he was a Police Officer (No I am not worried. This guy did not give a fig about me and is definitely on to his next victim.) Finally, and before you jump to conclusions, I did NOT meet him online.

Wrapping up my little adventure…Please be safe in the dating world. Do not confuse attention with an interest in a relationship. The person might have selfish intentions. HOWEVER…don’t become so jaded you assume all attention is negative. (I need to remember that.) Also, do things according to your own timeline…never someone else’s.

Phew that was a close one! Until next time….Ciao!

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It’s too much! Emails and Dating Mistakes..

I am having one of those weeks. It’s like now that I decided I don’t care about dating every guy is coming at me. (and of course not a normal one-not yet!) I designed my blog to help people…and to help myself figure out this dating stuff. So let me share some wisdom on communication failures.

If you just met me and send me an email like this,…you’re gonna get a blow off and a possible restraining order.

 I think we could be right for each other because unto the end of time, I will be there for you. You would own my heart and mind, I would truly adore you. Love is too weak to define just what you  mean to me. From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were the one. I truly adore you, you don’t know what you mean to me. Seriously

It is such a shame that I am hearing these words from someone I barely know. What I wouldn’t have given to hear something like this from a man I loved. Coming from someone after one date is just plain ole’ CREEPY!

Now let’s discuss this next one..

I am looking for my soul-mate eventually of course (yeah I still believe) i am looking for that one woman who is strong, comfortable in her own skin, confident, who knows what she wants, laughs and love’s deeply. A woman who is dorky and funny, independent and open minded, silly and sarcastic, intelligent and immature. A woman who will be Challenging my beliefs and making me question my opinions is my biggest turn on. I’m very positive and honest and very comfortable with who I am. I know what I want from life and I just need a great woman to share it with. I would love to open my heart and have that woman in my life to explore my heart, my soul, and my mind, but by that time she will probably have my love already,
I hope this gives you a glimpse of who I am, and I would love to get to know you better. You seem a very nice woman to get to know more of, and it will be more than an honor for me.

Oh my! I mean what do I do with that shiznit? I think he means well.  It’s just tooooooo much for me-ya know? I mean we only had coffee and you follow the date up with this??? (not to mention there are TONS of spelling and grammar mistakes.) Geesh!

BUT….The BIG winner….The email (from someone I HAVEN’T even MET) that made me want to blog about this and warn all of my over-zealous friends and readers….

My dear, i was going through your profile. I was glad of the cute words i read from your profile, you sound so beautiful and interesting. My heart and soul was full of joy when
i saw your photo. I am deeply in love with you. I want to be involved in a serious relationship with
you that will last forever. I wish to live with you as
husband and wife do, forever more lovingly and

Um……….yeah. That’s all I can say about that one. Not sure if this person is even real..This is a delete and block type of communication..Uber weird and just…ick!

What’s the moral today??? If you are very interested in a woman/guy….tone it down or reel it in! Do not proclaim love after the first date or…before-heeheehee! It’s too much and will cause the object of your interest to run…just sayin.

Until next time…Ciao!

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No More Serial Dating I’m Waiting

Well..I am not saying I am boycotting dating. I still want to find some to spend my life with. BUT…I had an epiphany in church. Yes we have churches in Las Vegas. (I so know you were wondering.) I keep focusing on finding “the ONE.” Ironically, I really thought I found him but he turned out to not be “the ONE.” If he was “the ONE” I wouldn’t be writing this. Ooops-I am digressing again. The point is I have spent a lot of energy fearing I will be alone or even worse that I will have to continue to prowl the dating scene forever. In fact…my deepest darkest fear is that the only man that ever really wanted to share a life with me is now dead. But that’s another story entirely. Now where was I? Oh yeah, I was talking about my epiphany at church.

Google the word Epiphany for images and 99% of what you find will be about GOD. Kinda interesting to me..Just sayin..


The series at my church is on relationships and the sermon was about Ruth. I can relate to Ruth. She took care of her Mother in Law after her husband died. She was WAY better than me. Ruth worked in the fields to keep food on the table and although she was young and described as pretty, she had an amazing character. She put her family’s needs above her own. (Meaning instead of trying to hook “the ONE” Ruth focused on what GOD expected of her.) What happened? God gave her a rich, nice, and caring husband.  I would honestly settle for a non-crazy one with a job that adored me-he doesn’t have to be rich. Now look-I am not trying to get all preachy on you. I am sharing what gave me my change of heart and what gave me comfort in being single. I do believe and I am not ashamed of that. I am just way too easy going to ever try to force my beliefs down someone else’s throat. However, when my ENTIRE world fell apart-**TWICE** my belief in GOD is what pulled me through. I am very grateful for that. In fact, I am not eloquent enough to do this justice. Let me try a different tactic.

I can’t find the one. There is no other half. 50% x 50% = .25%. You do the math. I need a partner but until then I need to live. I started becoming so obsessed with dating that I am no better than the players I complain about. Perhaps my blog should be titled “How to be Single in Las Vegas.”  But I am also WAAAAY to lazy to change it. Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to date. BUT…I am going to focus on other stuff first. Someone once told me about a woman who said she was married to Jesus. Now I am down with J.C. but when I heard that I was like, “Wow she’s not having any sex.” Yeah I know, that’s probably not nice. Ironically, I understand what she meant now. I am not saying I am married to J.C. but I am certainly not having any sex. (heeheeheehee) Sorry-sometimes I am very immature for my age. I think that woman meant that she is putting GOD’S needs first. I like that. It takes the pressure off of me. My lesson for today??? Dating is not a necessity. Being single does not make you a sub-class citizen. Yes we are pack animals by nature but focus on being the best YOU you can be. Keep trying but stop worrying. The rest will work itself out. Until next time…Ciao!

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Should I Call Him or Not???

I am beginning to think I am too distant during the initial stages of dating. Unfortunately, I have been on a lot of initial dates lately. Most of them have been jerks or creepers. Some of them have bored me to death. (No I’m not super picky but I need some personality because I like to laugh and have fun.) A couple of them might have been steady dating material. BUT…..I seem to lose them (I’m referring to the good ones-the boring ones and jerks/creepers ALWAYS call me back) after a few dates.  I do not usually call first and I only randomly text. But hey..I am a busy woman and I don’t really know them yet. So…I am probably too stand offish.

Why? Well one of them told me so.Then he told me he would like it if I called him. Then I blew it by not calling. I know what you’re thinking! “Geesh Sara why didn’t you call him?” I didn’t call him because I am an idiot-derr. Or maybe I just wasn’t that into him-lol! My point isn’t that specific guy anyways because I am not pining over him…but….I did start thinking about what he said. He described me as hard to read. So this might be a problem-eh? I recently heard a story about the opposite. (Which is why I even started thinking about this issue in the first place.)

A man I know was telling me about this woman he was dating. He went on three dates with her. He called me one day and was complaining about how often she called/text.GUESS how many times she was contacting him??? She was calling him 4 times a day and texting him at least 6 times a day. Who has effin time for that? That is excessive. Right? No wonder his reaction was one of annoyance. In return, he finally got fed up when she woke him up on a Saturday and he dumped her. Bless her heart. She spooked him off. Stalker

watching you

So it appears that other women do call the guys they are just starting to date more than I do. (Obviously too much is not good either.) Here’s my new self challenge to myself. The next guy I meet that I actually really like (unfortunately there have not been many) I will make an effort to be a little more interested-well to act a little more interested. Maybe the average Las Vegas male needs that? Moral for the day: It’s okay to let a man know you’re interested. However, please be sure you don’t become a bugaboo.

Until next time…Ciao


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He’s just not that into you

As I struggle to date in a city filled with shallow people and fake men (not all, just the ones I seem to attract), I’d like to share some insight I discovered while watching this movie. He’s Just Not That Into You  had me laughing my butt off. To keep it real-one part Gigi said stood out and really drove home a point I needed to hear….

Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up. If a guy punches you he likes you. Never try to trim your own bangs and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending. Every movie we see, Every story we’re told implores us to wait for it, the third act twist, the unexpected declaration of love, the exception to the rule. But sometimes we’re so focused on finding our happy ending we don’t learn how to read the signs. How to tell from the ones who want us and the ones who don’t, the ones who will stay and the ones who will leave. And maybe a happy ending doesn’t include a guy, maybe… it’s you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is… just… moving on. Or maybe the happy ending is this, knowing after all the unreturned phone calls, broken-hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment you never gave up hope.

We are taught that! WHERE’S MY HAPPY ENDING??-right? It can’t possibly be on POF or OKCupid-can it?  I started thinking about happy endings. I am a big advocate of them. However, maybe in real life the happy ending doesn’t include two people living happily ever after. Maybe it really is the freedom to find something better. The entire discussion about “exceptions” also stood out.

Ok, Ok. Exhibit A. Chad the drummer who lived in a storage space. He only used me for rides and yet I continued to stalk him for most of 1998. Then oh, um, there was Don, that broke up with me every Friday so that he could have his weekends free. I was delusional about that relationship. I used to refer to him as my husband to random people, like my dental hygienist. Anyway, all my friends used to tell me about how things might work out with these dipsticks because they knew someone, who knew someone, who dated a dipstick just like mine. That girl ended up getting married and living happily ever after. That the exception and we’re not the exception we’re the rule.

The romantic side of me freely admits that I dream of being an exception. Although I am pretty awesome, I am realizing that I am almost certainly the rule. So maybe this means the man I waited on to want to commit wasn’t going to wake up and have a change of heart. I know I know-derr right? I am the rule. But noooo..I couldn’t learn this the easy way. I let him back in-against everyone’s advice. I mean he claimed to really love me, he knows I want a married life with someone I truly love. I truly loved him. What’s the big effin deal? I had a friend who left her boyfriend because he wouldn’t commit after two years and he missed her so much that he realized he must be with her forever and now they are married-so it could happen. REALITY check…that “friend” I am referring to is the exception. I am the rule. (If he doesn’t want to commit to you he aint ever gonna) I am the rule for him.  He’s just not that into me.  But man someday, someone might make me an exception-right?

Of all the things I contemplated during the movie it was:  If a man wants to be with you, he will make it happen-period. I am sooooo guilty of making excuses for someone. The truth is that guy was just not that into me. Shocking really cuz I think I rock! I understand some of you might be thinking, “Geesh Sara this is just a movie.” I know! The point isn’t that I am taking relationship advice from a movie. (Work with me people.) The moral behind that is perhaps we really do get so caught up in looking for a hidden meaning that we don’t read the signs correctly. I got so caught up in little, nice things this man did for me that I missed all the MAJOR signs that really should have seen before

I love men. I am not a hater of the opposite gender. I just think women (some not all) are notorious for over-analyzing men’s intentions. The reality check I just had: It’s really not that hard. If a man wants you, he will make it known. Oh Snap! I get it-I really do. Maybe I helped someone else too. I will never ever make the same mistake again. Don’t worry-I WILL make other mistakes.

Until next time…Ciao

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DUDE….REALLY??? Online Dating Profiles that DON’T Work

Sometimes…just sometimes…I have to shake my head and bite my tongue. I have already posted about common online dating profile mistakes. Now I’m gonna vent. (Cuz I keeps it real yo.)

Here are some profile portions I have (err borrowed) for educational purposes. They are from all over so don’t worry about me exploiting anyone’s privacy. Also, if it is published on the internet it is up for public grab. (I checked-promise.)

  • I offur drama free companionship, good lessoner, relaxing conversations, romatic cubbling time, real heathly communication,Day by bay. I enjoy camping,reading, travelling,pool,bowling, movies: sci fi, druma, action, romance:twilight saga, Live music: Moroon5, Brono Mars, jazz & everything in between. Now on a personal note I’ve been dating on many different cites- I had gone throw alot of Trial and erras.

I am still trying to figure out what cubbling time is. I think it is cuddling-not sure-he may like clubs. It’s killing me and at the same time all I can think is. “Bless his lil heart.” Seriously…

  • I’m tired of all the whores in this town. If there are any real ladies in town. Hit me up

Way to ostracize every woman in town. Plus this is my HOME town so when you make fun of it, I take it personal. Only natives can talk about Las Vegas negatively. (everyone knows’s like a rule dude.) Also the hit me up thing kills me. I mean coming from a man your age-really?

  • I am looking for a long term relationshep and sumeone I can be commited to. Also, to be upfront, I am living with my soon to be ex wife still

I can forgive the minor spelling errors. Even though they irk me. (That’s kinda my pet peeve-but I misspell too.) But…WHOA MAN!!! I appreciate your honesty. My only comment is maybe you shouldn’t be trying to date right now.

I always try to have a moral/lesson in my posts. This blog is designed as a guide. So there is a lesson here. Please use common sense when posting your profile. If you need help, email me! Just Sayin….

Until next time…..Ciao!

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