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7 Traits of The “Vegas Guy”

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Las Vegas IS a trip! Men in this city are too! I’ve written about the “Vegas Woman.” Now it’s time to write about ‘dem crazy men in this city! I love lists! I really do! Here are seven very common signs that “Vegas Men” have.

1. They have a google voice phone number. (There is no way they are giving you their actual  phone number..geesh)

2. They will be regulars on most dating sites. (They have to keep a healthy inventory as they keep searching for the hottest/best/most successful female.)


3. The will consistently name drop. (They know people who know people yo.)

4. Are 45 and have never been in a committed relationship. (Why choose one when you can have many?)

5. Know every night club by heart. (They ARE living IN Vegas baby!)

6. They may get hair highlights (Once again not all men with highlights are bad or players but…)

7. Can you say designer labels and lots of knowledge about them? (I love nice things. I am not saying this alone makes a “Vegas Guy” but it is a common trait.)

*****Qualifier: I am not suggesting that a couple of these traits makes a typical “Vegas Guy.” I am only listing common traits I see among them. Also, I never said I had all the answers….this is my blog and my humble opinion.*****

Moral: The key here is status and shallowness.  A “Vegas Guy” is mainly into appearance and the Vegas lifestyle. I do not recommend dating these men if you are looking for something solid and meaningful. It is hard to find anything meaningful when this type of man is usually on the lookout for something better. Who wants to feel like they are constantly being evaluated? I know I don’t.

Until Next Time…Ciao!


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The “Vegas Woman”

If you’ve never lived here you don’t know. You probably think every woman is a cocktail waitress or stripper and that she lives on the strip. Okay, hopefully you don’t think that but you would be surprised at what some people’s assumptions can be.  The truth is there are regular communities, schools, churches, etc that never get shown in the movies. However, until I became single I never realized the incredibly fast and shallow single dynamic that existed in this city. It’s like this subculture I knew nothing about.

Once I realized that it was so very unfamiliar, I was terrified.  Then…of course…I got over it.  I discovered my competition in this city is a type of female I am no match for. It’s a VEGAS Chic! She is the reason real women have to constantly prove themselves to real men (I said real men.) I love me some lists. Here is a down and dirty (I freaking love that phrase) list of common traits I see in a Vegas woman.

  • When they are in their twenty’s they are fresh still but have implants and are slowly lightening their hair or getting extensions, etc. It’s a process to be hotter and more perfect to obtain a rich dude or compete with the nightlife. They are often still fresh.larissa
  • When they are in their 30’s begin to spend all of their money on designer labels. If they have not hooked a rich guy yet, the self improvements will continue.
  • Single “Las Vegas” women will frequent all of the places where affluent men will be.
  • “Vegas” women will be over extended or use other creative means to maintain the constant upgrading of their bodies as well as to pay for the shiny BMW they drive. They usually earn less money than me but are always driving better cars and rocking better clothes. But hey I love driving an 8-year-old car with a broken window…really I do. heehee
  • The “Las Vegas Woman” will not always be about landing a rich guy. Sometimes, they just get so caught up in the shallowness of the city and the pace of it that they become lost in it.
  • A  “Las Vegas Women” at 40 will look like the ultimate poker player. Botox laden with an expressionless face and the mouth of a blow fish. It’s kind of scary.

blonde botox

  • At the end of their game, a “Las Vegas Woman” will look tired and worn out. They have moved too fast. It catches up. haggard woman

******QUALIFIER***** I am not speaking about EVERY Las Vegas woman. Um hello…I AM a Las Vegas resident AND a woman. I am not referring to every woman who lightens their hair or has surgery. It’s the reason behind the improvements. Most of the women I am referring to are looking for something.  So hey don’t be offended. I am born and raised here. I always knew these women existed. However, being compared to them is a MUTHA. The irony lies in the fact I always thought I would stand out MORE being so real. That is just not usually the case.  What a trippy city I live in! Ah well…be true to yourself peeps.

Until Next Time….Ciao!

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Why Were You Going to Settle?

I recently had a good friend call off his marriage engagement. The reasons were tragic and actually had nothing to do with either of them. However, it is a very black and white situation and there is no choice but for them but to break up. (I know he wouldn’t care if I described why the engagement ended but it is just too intense to share. I see no value it would bring my readers as far as relationships go.)  So he is sad but I honestly think he dodged a bullet.

The woman was not bad or evil or psycho. She was just not right for him. She did not communicate her feelings well, she didn’t meet his physical needs and she constantly compared him to her ex husband. I never sensed that he was REALLY happy but I reserve that judgement because I believe he loves her.  I can tell he is hurting. We were having a conversation earlier and he gave me one of the most honest replies I’ve ever heard.

Our conversation centered around what we are or are not willing to settle on as far as relationship needs. He told me, “I was going to settle then I had that option taken from me and had to cut bait.” I immediately responded with, “Why were you going to settle?” He answered with, “Because I didn’t want to start over.” First of all I love the fact that he is so honest with himself that he immediately knew the answer. It takes a special person to admit something like that. My only reply was, “I am too scared of being stuck in another horrible marriage to settle.” This really got me thinking.

How often do people settle for that reason? How often must it happen in a city like Las Vegas where you are lucky to find someone who isn’t crazy or on drugs or shallow or all of the above? I see the temptation….but why should we settle? What does settling mean? I think it means settling for less than what you deserve. The key here is to be sure you don’t feel “entitled” to unrealistic things.  It is really tragic that anyone feels compelled to settle for anyone “decent” in order to not be alone. I don’t want someone to settle for me. I dream of being with a man who feels blessed to have me in his life. I don’t want him thinking..”Well she aint perfect but this one will do.” The idea just breaks my heart.

What’s my advice: Do not settle for less than what you need. If you are in a relationship and too many instances of this occur…think hard about your future with that person. If no amount of mutual compromise will fix it…then it’s time to go. Ahhh but that is so easy to say-right? The real challenge comes when you actually love that person. Things will never be perfect but remember to not sell yourself short. You are fabulous even if you are alone!

Until next time…Ciao

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Top 10 Places for Dates in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, my home town, is a treasure trove of fabulous date night spots.  There are many things to do outside of the typical yet beautiful resorts and night clubs.  I’ve created a catchall list of places I think make for a great date night. I would like to think I’ve included a little something for everyone. (These are not necessarily in any particular order.)

  1. Marche Bacchus -This is a delightful spot located in the Summerlin area. It has a lakeside view and an onsite wine shop. It has been my experience that you can’t go wrong with delicious French food combined with excellent wine and a waterside view. This equals a romantic evening.
  2. KISS by Monster Mini Golf – What a fun spot! Even if you do not care for the band..and let’s face it KISS kinda rocks. Not only that but for a nominal fee you can wear the boots and get a souvenir picture! That rocks all by itself!
  3. The Cellar Lounge – Great prices and a truly one-of-a kind atmosphere for Las Vegas. This unique setting is actually downstairs. They offer a variety of blues and jazz music and even host an open mic night. (I’d never personally sing there because I like the atmosphere too much to destroy it with the sounds of an injured cat but hey it might be an option for you.)
  4. The Fremont Street Experience – I know this doesn’t sound romantic but I LOVE going there during the Summer of Concerts season. It is affordable fun, live music and the opportunity to people watch.
  5. Peppermill Las Vegas – Entering the Peppermill is like being transported to a different era of Las Vegas. (it’s the strip technically but much easier to get to off of the 15 and Sahara.) The food is fabulous, the drinks are unique and the lounge is a great spot to hang with your honey.
  6. Fast Lap Indoor Kart Racing – I think there is a little kid in all of us that loves racing cars around a track. What sets this place apart is the cars go up to 50 mph and the track is well designed. Also, Las Vegas gets HOT. I like to be able to race indoors. Dating can be romantic but sometimes it should be fun too!
  7. WestWind Las Vegas 5 Drive In – We STILL have ONE Drive In movie theater left. Who doesn’t like the idea of cuddling next to your date while relaxing in your own vehicle during a movie. It can be its own form of romantic.
  8. Haunted Vegas Tours – I honestly didn’t see Bugsy Seigel’s ghost but it sure was interesting to hear about all the rich Las Vegas history I was completely unaware of.  Enjoy a mutual laugh while trying to conduct a paranormal investigation or see a ghost?. Who knows?
  9. Mount Charleston – Get out of the Las Vegas heat for a while and go have dinner at the lodge. Or plan a hike and visit the lounge afterwards.  A hike with your sweetie might be just the ticket. If you are looking to book a getaway this can also be a great spot. The cabins are nice and they have upgraded rooms. Winter or summer this is a nice spot only 45 minutes away from the center of Las Vegas.
  10. The National Atomic Testing Museum – Even if your date doesn’t like science, this is worth a visit . Discover information about mysterious Area 51, a personal favorite.  If you are tired of the typical stuff, I recommend switching it up and giving this place a shot.

I am probably leaving out at least 100 other places. Until Next Time…Ciao!

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