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Want to Impress Her? Do This:

So guys, you are on a first date and you would really like to impress her and distinguish yourself from all the other guys that she is dating.  Well, in case you don’t have a Ferrari, private jet, unlimited supplies of cash and Brad Pitt’s private cell phone number here are a few ideas that will work to impress your date.

First, try using some old fashioned chivalry.

  • Come around and open the car door and the restaurant door for her.
  • Help her on and off with her jacket/coat.
  • At the restaurant, pull her chair out for her.
  • If she leaves the table and then comes back, stand up until she is seated.
  • Let her order first.
  • Don’t start eating until she is served.
  • If she is cold let her wear your jacket.

I know these things sound kind of out dated but I guarantee you that women love it! They will think much more highly of you too if you do these things.  Most men don’t, and it will distinguish you over many of their other dates.  If you don’t believe me, try it.  It works.

Second take a genuine interest in her.  One thing everyone likes to talk about is themselves.  Women especially love to talk and they love to talk about themselves.  The more you listen to her talk and take a sincere interest in what she is saying the more she will like you.

One of my favorite TV shows is Two and a Half men.  There is this one episode where Charlie is listening to his brother’s ex-wife Judith talk about all of her problems. All he keeps saying is “Judith, I understand” (in reality he has no clue as to what she is talking about nor does he care) but because he let’s her know that “he understands” she instantly is drawn to him and even though she really hates him he now becomes her best friend.

Finally, do what you say you will do!  One thing that all women really hate is if you say you will call and then you don’t.  If you really want her to like you, call her when you said you would.

These are just a few ideas that have worked well for me.  I’m sure there are lot’s of other things you can do, but this would be a really good start.

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“Only Fools Rush In…”

fools rush in

…Or at least that’s what Elvis said in his famous song, I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. Yup, I am one of those fools that he is talking about.

So here’s what happened. Just 3 days after my wife left me I met a woman at of all places, a singles dance at church! Then, exactly 3 weeks later she moved in with me and a few months after that we got married! I’m sure you can see where this one is going and you are right, it did not turn out good at all and now I have yet another ex-wife!

Yup, I’m a fool, I rushed in and it was a huge mistake. The reason I’m bringing all of this up is because I learned three very hard lessons from this experience and I hope you don’t have to learn them the same way I did.

Lesson One: Don’t ever date out of revenge! Never date someone in an effort to get over a previous relationship. I was hurt very badly by my ex-wife. I thought I’ll show you, I’ll just find someone else and replace you! That never turns out good because your intentions are totally wrong. You should date someone and build a relationship with them because of what the two of you have together, not just to get back at someone else who hurt you.

Lesson Two: Slow it down! We all know how intoxicating that infatuation stage of dating can be. You know, when you first are falling in love and the other person can do no wrong. Well, I can tell you that stage wears off and there will come a time when that other person can and will do a whole lot of wrong. If you have rushed in and made a commitment before you see what you are really getting into chances are it will turn out to be bad, really really bad!

Lesson Three: If it is a problem when you are dating, it will only get worse if you get married. When my ex and I rushed in we were both aware of the fact that we had vastly different views regarding religion. It was a tiny problem when we were dating. However, after we were married it was a HUGE Deal Breaking issue and as it turned out it was the main reason that our marriage was doomed to fail.

Dating gives us an opportunity to really get to know someone on a deep level and to figure out if this is the person that we want to be with. However, if you “Rush In” you will totally miss out on that opportunity. I know I have done it, now don’t you be a “Fool” like I was.

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The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Woman

If you have been involved in the crazy mixed up world of online dating for even a short period of time I’m sure you have probably encountered what I like to call the strange case of the “disappearing woman.”

One of the first women that I met in my online dating experience seemed really nice. We went through all of the steps of emailing, texting, talking on the phone etc. and then finally agreed to meet for a low-key casual “coffee date.” Well, that date ended up lasting 2 + hours and it seemed like we had a real connection.

The next night we went to dinner together. We had a great time and I really felt like we had a connection. She actually texted me that night after the date saying what a great time she had and was really looking forward to seeing me again. Sounds like she was pretty interested..right?

I called her the next day and left her a voice mail message. She texted me right back saying that she was just going into her yoga class and would call me later. Once again she said that she had a really great time the night before and was looking forward to talking to me again soon.

Well, guess what, no call that night, the next day or ever! I sent her a couple of texts and left another voice mail message and nothing. She just disappeared! I hope she wasn’t hit by a bus or eaten by a lion, but I have no idea. She just disappeared.

It is fine if you don’t want to see me anymore, but don’t just disappear! That is just plain rude! I know that online dating is crazy and messed up, but come on ladies, show a little class and have a some common courtesy. If you don’t want to see someone anymore at least take a couple of minutes and send a short text, email or phone call. It’s not that tough to say “I have decided to see someone else.” It’s just common courtesy and it certainly shows a lot more class than simply being the “disappearing woman.”

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Watch Out: Signs that Your Love Interest is a Playa

So what’s a player? Well first off, I pronounce it playa. Yeah I said it so there! For those of you wondering what it means, I found a definition. According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of a player is as follows.

  • someone who dates more than one person at a time, usually just for sex or other perks. Will typically do anything to have sex with someone. Carries a heavy negative connotation. Usually used to describe males, but could be used to describe females who act in this manner. Often pronounced “playa.”

I have seen men and women behave very poorly in what we call the “dating game.” Or sometimes its the “crying game” but really that’s besides the point. So I have some stuff to share. First and foremost, women can be players! So any men reading this might gain knowledge too.

In fact, I dare say that when women are players they are more dangerous than men. I interviewed two players today. (yeah I did okay-don’t judge me I was curious because I am relatively stupid on the subject.) The first player I spoke with was a man. He let me know that he always acts like he “really likes” the woman when he is with her but seldom makes time for her because he is always juggling multiple women. He proceeded to tell me that when a man really likes someone, he will make time for them. (I already figured that one out-but it’s nice to have it confirmed.) The second player was a woman-yes a friend-and I gotta say she answered with confidence. She let me know that a player doesn’t ever get caught. She can keep several men engaged at the same time and each man will feel special. She even gets men to pay her bills (men that do not even live in Las Vegas and have little to gain by doing so other than her attention.) WOWSAS! This is one smooooth sister!

However, I have no desire to be like her. (Even though it WOULD be nice to have someone pay some of my bills.)  Once again, this is “A Good Girls Guide to Dating.” However my two player friends helped me with the list of signs below. It’s a simple list and I am sure there are things I have missed.***This is just my humble opinion-no offense intended-but it is MY blog so take it for what its worth or don’t***

  • Do not return calls promptly (barring work of course.)
  • Only communicate via Facebook/Email (I found this one interesting but my girlfriend swears by it.)
  • Dating is sporadic and always end with intimate encounters
  • Do not give out personal info
  • Consistently screen calls
  • Gives the general impression that you are the one and only but never makes time for you

I am sure there are a million more but I think everyone gets the general point. At the end of the day, if someone really likes you, you will not doubt it and he/she will make time for you.Good luck to all my friends! It’s a war out there…..

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Women aren’t THAT complicated…


This is for all of my male friends. I hear men complain about how complicated women are. I get that we are a bundle of emotions at times. I know that some women are shameless (I will be sharing stories on that in the near future.) However, I once heard a theory-from a man nonetheless-that summed the average women up pretty simply and accurately.

Women have three basic needs:

1. Emotional security : Women need to be loved.

2. Physical security: Women need to feel safe.

3. Financial security: Women need to feel financially secure.

Here’s the tricky part! Some women put a bigger priority on emotional security. These are the women that need lots of “quality time.” They can be overwhelming but if you love her, you need to show her. While some women need physical security. These women need “cuddling” and lot’s of it. Also,some women are wired to need financial security. Sometimes women like this are labelled gold diggers because they tend to be all about the benjamins. Naturally, certain women are a balance of all three.

Men may call that complicated but I challenge you to think about it. It’s really kinda simple. The theme of this short post is security. Any questions?

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Lord I Love Me a Sinner!


Good girls like bad boys. Is it a cliche? I am not sure. I can tell you that I married the ultimate bad boy right out of high school. He was cocky and full of swagger. He fought all the time and got in more trouble than I can begin to write here. I was an honor roll student who volunteered all the time and was on stage performing whenever I had the chance. He rarely went to school. That boy was trouble personified. He died recently of a violent crime that could have been prevented. However, that is another story for another time.

In fact I only brought it up because you would think I learned my lesson. I am still a good woman. I work, work out, raise my kids, go to church every week and read my bible on a regular basis. I am certainly not a nun but I’m pretty upright. So why is it if an arrogant man with an air of trouble comes in the room I am all a flutter? The truth is I want a good man. I want to be in a steady relationship with someone I trust. How can I get that with a bad boy? I can only hope there is a man out there that is the best of both worlds. Perhaps tough guy turned good man? Perhaps I am naive. Perhaps it doesn’t matter!

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