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Bust a Move

Dear Sara,

Is it appropriate to make the first move on a date? I was always taught to let the man do it. What do you think?





Hi Anonymous! The answer is: If it feels appropriate then yes you should! The rule is there are no rules. I used to be the exact same way but the pressure is crazy! I hate the pressure of waiting so the last time I had a first kiss, I was the one to initiate it. I just wanted to golly gee  get it over with! However, I would qualify this with the timing felt right to me when I did it. Remember to not get caught up in all the dumb rules that society and dating books try to cram down our throats. Listen to your instincts and trust them.

Until Next Time….here’s some old school hip hop….Ciao!




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Beautiful Surprises

We all judge people. You know what I mean…you may see a biker dude covered in tat’s and you instantly form an opinion. Or perhaps someone runs across an urban teen dressed in hip hop gear. Most people also instantly make a judgement. I am not saying this is right and I am not even saying this is you. Perhaps you understand that urban teen is only expressing himself and probably isn’t in a gang or living the thug life. Perhaps you see a very well-to-do person and form an opinion of them? My point is that most of us make prejudgments based on appearances. Do you know what I love? I love the one thing that makes humans so wonderfully unique! The little surprises!

I recently bought an ottoman. I happen to drive a small two door coupe. As I was struggling to put the piece of furniture in my backseat (which was not an easy task..let me tell you!) a man approached me. He was covered in tattoos from head to foot and had one of those really long beards. He was dressed in tattered clothing and a leather vest.  Yes I made a judgement. However, I listened to him as he said, “You may want to put that in legs first.” As I was turning the ottoman around his phone rang. The ringer played a song of some death metal band but he answered and said, “Hi honey, I forgot to get your tampons so I am stopping at Target and I promise I will be right home after. I love you.” (Yes I smiled to myself but not because he was buying tampons for his woman. I smiled because he was a beautiful surprise. Once he got off the phone, he helped me fit the ottoman into my disgustingly small backseat and I was on my way. I smiled all the way home.

Six months ago my old car broke down. Luckily, I had a close friend who recommended  a mobile mechanic. The guy pulled up two hours late reeking of cigarette smoke. He was older with scummy jeans, a dirty baseball hat and the layer of oil that most mechanics can’t seem to get out of their nail beds. After he looked at the car, he told me we needed to go to the auto store to buy a specific part that needed replaced. Obviously I had to drive with him in his car. We get into his 1980 something car that literally has no interior panels, no passenger door handle and the floor is covered with trash. (I am worried that I may need a tetanus shot! Yipes!) The mechanic turns on the radio and I expected to hear some hillbilly tunes but to my delight AND surprise he is blaring….classical music. He quoted the composer! I was humbled by this experience because I never would have seen that coming.

never judge

Today’s moral: We live in a society that always seems to highlight the bad things and evil deeds people do. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the predictable patterns of life and our own past experiences that we forget what makes our species so very remarkable. We are all different and we are all capable of remarkable things. So does that mean??? It means remember to not judge a book by its cover. We are all so very unique and people are not always what they seem. Keep your eyes open for the beautiful surprises.

Until Next Time…Ciao!


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