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If You Really Love Her….

Dear Sara,

I love my girlfriend. She is good for me. However, she requires so much work…. I feel like she needs to be told I love her too much……..I’ve already told her. We’ve been together for two years. Why do I need to keep telling her? She told me yesterday that she wished I complimented her more…. Last year she caught me with another woman. I didn’t love that woman. I said I was sorry and will never do it again.What’s the big deal?……Do you think she has a point? Or is she out of line and acting crazy? I know all women are crazy…I read your blog. I can tell you’re outta line too. I thought you might shed some light. I’m thinking of leaving her if this doesn’t stop….What should I do?



I had to cut a LOT of this out and I did take the liberty of correcting his grammar. This piece of advice is going to write itself yo. I have my I’m gonna git you sucka smile on my face as I write.

When do you treat your woman/man right? Answer: Before someone else does!  Derr.. If you love her, you need to reassure her. This does not mean you need to build her entire system of beliefs up. I can’t stress this enough. Most women are so much simpler than most men realize. Security, security, security. The average woman needs to feel secure in YOUR intentions. This is not complicated. If you love her, tell her. If you think she looks nice, tell her. If you miss her, tell her. If you want her, tell her. Tell her often and tell her. Look, I am not saying you need to say it 1000 times a day but the female ego is just as precious as the male ego. If I were giving this advice to a woman it would be similar yet different (maybe a separate post later.) If you love her…reassure her.  What’s wrong with telling her how much you desire her?  Watch how she will treat you when she thinks you desire her more than any other female in the world. I promise you, your love life will dramatically improve in ALL areas.  Empower her by reassuring her of your feelings. It’s so simple stupid. ***Disclaimer: There is a line that must be drawn here. If you are dealing with a woman who NEVER reciprocates or that is cray cray, you may need to cut bait. Basically, if you do not feel it is worth the investment….don’t do it. This is not advice on how to play with her head. This is advice on how to make her happy and by extension, yourself happy. Also if you do not love her..don’t bother.****However, if this woman is worthy…just freaking reassure her.  Don’t let something as stupid as pride get in the way.

Yeah so on to my specific advice. YOU CHEATED! Okay, we all make mistakes-right? I can’t judge you. Life happens and only GOD has that right. BUT…yeah she is probably even more insecure than ever about your feelings. You asked me to shed some light. Here goes….I don’t understand how I read about so many nice men’s struggles and here YOU are with a good woman who stood by you. I just don’t get it. Your entire message is dripping with self-absorption and shallowness.  If you read my blog, then you know I am brutally blunt. You agreed to let me post about this. So I gotta say, I think she will leave you first.  I rarely say that. I rarely give any definite actions. I usually tell people to search their feelings and heart.  However, I am not sure if you would understand that. If you can… need a come to Jesus meeting. If you close your eyes and can’t imagine life without her…MAN the hell UP and treat her right. Every woman has a breaking point.  I can’t pretend to be an expert on love. As you said so yourself, I’m “outta line too.” I struggle and I can be ridiculously stupid at times but I am growing and I put my best foot forward every day. However, I am an expert at breaking points. I tolerated so much for so long that I am still putting myself back together.  I promise you, if you think she is “outta line” wait until the day she leaves. If you don’t wise up quick, too much water will pass under the bridge and no amount of promises or “I Love You’s” will fix it. You can take that to the bank. I freaking guarantee it.

I will leave you with a song that is fitting for the occasion.

Until Next Time…Ciao!

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