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If I Were a Boy

I would seriously be the best man ever. Well I would once I got over my fear of bugs…and popping cans of biscuits. However, once you put those things aside, I would ROCK at being a man. You know why? Cuz I would know how to treat my woman. Derr…I’ve started and stopped writing this post a zillion times but now I’m like..meh..why not? Maybe some guy will stumble upon it and learn something. Maybe I’m TOTALLY wrong…BUT I’m gonna pull the “this is my blog” card. So here’s a nifty (yep I said nifty) list of ways I would treat the woman I loved…If I was a boy. (and don’t go there…cuz I LOVE being a woman!)

  • I would compliment her all the time..not in an obnoxious way but in a “I absolutely adore and would never change anything about you way.” I personally thrive with that type of treatment. It empowers me when I feel really confident in how a man a feels about me physically-even my flaws-I am at my absolute best with that man.
  • I would never lie to her. So tying this in to my previous comment, don’t blow smoke up my butt. I’m serious…I don’t expect someone to tell me I’m tall when I’m short…just love the things about me that are real. Obviously this also applies to bigger things like going out with other women…blah blah blah..but I think that one’s kinda obvious.
  • I would call her once a day. Maybe I would be on my way out with the guys, and that should be okay. Relationships need trust from both people. (My male readers need to stay away from crazy women that don’t let you hang with your friends…just sayin.) I would call her to hear her voice..because I want to hear her voice (not out of obligation.)
  •  I would make an effort to learn her love language and I would care about it. (I have a post on that topic in the wait for it yo.) Does she need quality time, acts of service, words of encouragement, etc.
  • I would pay attention to her. I would let her know her thoughts were important.
  • I would never take her for granted. Every woman has a breaking point.
  • I would laugh with her.
  • I would let her cry and not make fun of her.
  • I would find common interests with her and go do stuff. If she’s into dancing, let’s take a dance class, martial arts, tai chi, etc. (I don’t personally need ALL of my hobbies infringed upon but I would really LOVE to have a hobby I did with my love interest. I’ve never had that.)
  • MOST importantly, I would make her feel secure in my intentions. I’ve preached about what a woman really needs to be happy. Let me remind everyone of my humble theory. The average woman-simple folk like me- just needs to feel secure. For example, I would never tell a woman I loved that I was considering moving. Why? That would make her not feel secure. However, when I am emotionally, physically and financially secure I am a happy camper. Actually I am ok financially all by myself.  As long as my partner wasn’t a financial drain, I would be cool. However, I do need to feel secure emotionally (secure with his love not the “oh my goodness this woman should be on meds cuz she’s cray cray” type of emotionally secure) and physically secure (yeah as in sex dude .) A man once explained the theory of security to me and it was one of the smartest things he ever said to me.

Moral for today:

Men: When do you treat your woman right? Answer: Before another man does…ha! Just kidding. I think a lot of men just get confused by some women. I know we are a bundle of emotions at times. However, if you find the right one…the one you really feel is worthy of your devotion…I promise you that most of the stuff I just wrote will work. It needs to be genuine, it needs to be coming from a good place, and most importantly it should be things you naturally want to do for her. If you don’t want to…maybe it’s not the right woman.

Women: Be patient. I have written MANY posts on what we do wrong too. In so many ways, we are like two different species. Perhaps it’s more apt to suggest that we just speak a different language at times. If your man makes mistakes..forgive. If he can’t fulfill your basic needs of security…maybe it’s not the right man.

*****Disclaimer: I can’t give advice for the entire female population. There are ALWAYS exceptions. If it feels like I geared this entire thing toward my own perspective, it’s because I have. After all, I only have my perspective to pull from. So, take all of this as my humble opinion dude*****

Until Next’s a song I used to really really relate to when I was locked in a bad marriage….Ciao!


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