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Say What?? Things You DON’T Ever Really Need To Say

We’ve all done it! We’ve all encountered the type of situation where you just decided you wanted to see what your own foot tastes like. In fact, if I had a quarter for every time I did it, I would have at least $0.75. (yeah I’m kinda sorta lying.) The truth is, I’ve had so many experiences where I have opened my mouth and the words just flew out. I quickly reached for them so I could put them back in my mouth but I couldn’t catch them in time. I knew those gosh darn words were wrong the second they left my mouth but there was no going back. My only recourse was hasty apologies. You see, people like to say that words don’t hurt but they do. Did you know that it takes, 7 compliments to counteract one insult? It’s true because I read it on the internet…derr. Okay, seriously have you ever noticed how much easier it is to believe the bad stuff you hear about yourself. I don’t care if you believe it or not. It took years of positive reinforcement to see myself as who I am today…and I do see myself positively. (No offense..okay..I’m just in one of my über blunt moods. I received a troublesome phone call from someone and I am hoping he gets a flesh-eating bacteria on his butt… the curable “yet painful” kind.) Back to the topic at hand! Let’s discuss some things you should not say..ever really.


  • “Not to be rude but” or “No offense but” (If you need to phrase a statement with this type of opening line, follow my grandmother’s advice and don’t. If you know you’re going to be rude, don’t say it! Duh!)
  • “To make a long story short.” (All I can think of when I hear this line is..too late.) I know it’s not just bugs me so I decided to add it. I think it’s the full moon.
  • Do not tell a man you care about that he is a punk. (Or a wussy or anything non manly. It has been my experience that men take that very seriously. It is much better to demonstrate respect to a man-even when it’s only partially deserved. If you treat a man like a man, the chances are he will be encouraged to act like one. Try it…what can you lose?)
  • Do not tell a woman you care about anything negative about her appearance-especially non-solicited comments. (Argue with me if you want but a woman will usually blossom under adoration. If you make a woman feel beautiful and adored through kind words and actions, you will assist in creating an empowered, confident woman. The results will blow your mind.)***QUALIFIER: You can’t make her confident as a person but you might make her confident in your feelings about her-this is what I am referring to***
  • Do not EVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless you know she is. The results could be awful. (Oh I’ve been there and done that..but she straight up looked prego…I swear. I never assume anymore.)
  • I do not recommend laughing at a mans actions, thoughts or behavior…well not to his face. I have been guilty of this. Not intentionally..but if I get laughed at over running from a bug, I take it in stride. When men get laughed at (in my humble and limited experience) they take it as a sign of disrespect. I’m pretty sure about this but hey it’s just my opinion-right?
  • Don’t ever ask a person to let you know when they are finished talking. (Yes I AM speaking from personal experience. Boy howdy did I make someone at work mad by asking her that…oops)
  • If someone angrily asks you why you’re looking at them like they have something on their face..don’t say, “Actually you do..right there” or any variation of that. (That one will cause you problems..been there done it. heehee)
  • Don’t ever tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that you would never marry them. Oh and especially don’t tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that you want to be married some day AND you don’t want to marry them. (They seem to get offended by that..go figure..)

I could go on and on but I don’t really want to. What’s my moral? Please think before you speak. This is sage advice I practice all the time. I am naturally forthright; and I always tend to unabashedly say what is on my mind. Sometimes, we really shouldn’t. In a relationship of any kind, it may cause irreversible damage. So if you don’t think you should say it….um don’t.


Until Next Time…Ciao!

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  1. AWESOME stuff. Love this.

    Comment by animatingyourlife | June 26, 2013 | Reply

  2. Thank you!!!

    Comment by datinginvegas | June 26, 2013 | Reply

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