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Romantic Irony!

Okay so I don’t want my friends figuring out I blog about them. (I’m not too worried because I’m pretty sure no one I know in real life reads my blog. Except maybe my ex but whatevs.) BUT in the interest of being fair, I am gonna mix my stories up a little bit.  Ya know…keep you on your toes and um yeah. I want to talk about a few instances I have observed.

I have a friend that is a major player. Let’s just say its a male friend and lets just make you wonder if it is really a male or female friend I am really referring to. Hey..that’s how I roll. My player friend is rather handsome and very funny. (Before anyone “goes there ” this friend is just a friend. I could never compete with the type of  women he dates and I wouldn’t want to compete .) Besides, I’m totally and completely vibing on someone. Anyway’s this friend is constantly doing things like: 1. Dating multiple women 2. Getting those women all kinds of worked up 3. Dumping and or never calling said women. 4. Using lines like, “I’m not a player I just crush a lot.” So one day my friend meets his/her match. Suddenly he is jumping through hoops and not getting his calls returned. I’m sorry to be constantly referencing hip hop songs but he’s sprung. So he’s still MY friend and I told him he can do better than that stupid and immature girl. I pointed out the player behavior and it was like light bulbs went on. He said, “I’m not a player.” I said, “um yeah you kinda are.” heehee . Then I let it drop because people can change themselves and he’s not a bad person at all. I’m pretty sure he’s moved on and not losing any sleep over it but for a minute he was calling me with comments like: “She cancelled on my last two dates and went to dinner with another man but I think that’s because she’s scared of being hurt.” Yeah I told him the truth. She was playing him like a fiddle….I just love the irony of it. Kinda like this..irony-16

I have another friend who was cheating on her long-term boyfriend. When I use the term friend, I am using it loosely. The truth is I have been slowly losing all respect for her. She has a man who cherishes her. He is clearly in love with her and goes out of his way to show her and do nice things for her. She’s been with him for 5 years and she won’t marry him. He doesn’t know it but I think it’s a blessing for him. I think he can do better. (Just makes me sick that I sat in these crappy one-sided relationships and tried so damn hard but she just abuses this poor man.) Oops...I’m digressing. So I am using the present tense and I shouldn’t. He actually left her the day he walked in and caught her cheating. ICK ICK ICK! Poor man. I last heard he had moved out-of-town. My girlfriend was devastated and I could not commiserate with her. I just couldn’t. Maybe she will learn. She made her bed..she was left heart broken and now realizes what she lost….ironic huh?


Finally, I have a friend who never wanted to be married. He had been married twice and didn’t want to do it again. (Once again, this is just a friend but even if I felt differently, he would be 100% disqualified because he didn’t want to ever be married.) I bonded with him quickly as friends because we were both in serious relationships our entire adult lives and did not know how to date. We actually had a lot in common except chemistry. So we all agree dating sucks right? He’s got war stories that almost make mine pale in comparison. (I have a post coming out on that subject..wait for it yo.) Finally he meets a nice librarian. She is attractive in a conservative type of way and she is soft-spoken and she is VERY nice. She’s a good woman although she is kinda a wallflower and my friend is not. Who cares though cuz opposites attract..blah blah blah. So within 3 months he proposes to her. (What the what???) I softly voiced a concern and then let him know I was happy for him. I mean who am I to judge. PLUS since I will probably never have the opportunity to be in my own wedding (I was so stupid and eloped) I may get to be in the wedding if I play my cards right!!! I mean I would settle for ANY role that gave me a reason to wear a beautiful dress and lose ten pounds. Those hopes collapsed when he announced that I can’t go because he doesn’t want her to meet me.  WHAT? Poof….just like that a friendship bites the dust. For a little while we shared all of our dark secrets and the pain/guilt/anger that comes from losing loved ones. I think to this day he is the only person that understood.  Sucks…and it’s ironic. I just never saw that one coming…and now I’m waiting for another close friend to get married. All I wanna do is be in a wedding AND on a float during ANY kind of parade. Is that too much to ask????  Geesh….

The moral is: Don’t play people, stop cheating on people, don’t diss a friend that really cares about you, and let me be on a float please. I feel good about this post. I think I might help people with this. Like Dr. Phil or something….heehee

Until next time…Ciao!

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    Comment by animatingyourlife | June 22, 2013 | Reply

  2. Thank you for reading!

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