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Homegirl Went CRAZY

Sometimes, women go crazy.  I’ve written about this before. If you are a woman, you’ve been there or at the minimum you’ve had a girlfriend do it…but seriously, you’ve probably done it (yeah you have.) You know how it goes… We.Just.Went.Off. Now I am pretty sure I’ve outgrown most crazy behavior BUT that doesn’t mean I didn’t get drunk 6/7 months ago, get bored and drunk dialed my ex repeatedly prank calling him. It was kinda fun immature. (Yeah when you drink too much they should take away your keys AND your phone …just sayin.) I can’t speak for all women but I am passionate and with that comes intense feelings.

gone crazy

The last three years has been all about personal growth. I am trying VERY hard to not be so stupid.. BUT like I said I am a passionate person by nature. I feel deeply, I laugh loudly and I cry hard. Have I ever gone crazy? Well yeah..kinda…derr. By most standards I’m pretty tame. My friends don’t call me Goodie Sara for nothing but in the past I have…

  • Gotten scared over nothing and broken up with a man..multiple times (yeah I know…dumb)
  • Internet stalked..err snooped..yeah snooped (and he got all upset like I evaded his privacy or something..geesh calm down)
  • Yeah I followed my ex husband once (in my defense that was while I was investigating the THIRD relationship he had) but I felt like a mega sleaze doing it
  • Spent countless hours wondering why a guy did or did not do something (like obsessively) and then bugging the heck out of my friends for their opinions. ( oh and when I didn’t get the answer I wanted, I would argue…guess that was annoying…oops)
  • Yeah I’ve thrown a few things back in the day (BUT he had it coming I swear)

I’ve seen some even crazier things!

Crazy lady

  • Had a girlfriend wait outside of her man’s house because she thought he was cheating (um he wasn’t but jealousy will kill a relationship quicker than almost anything.)
  • Knew a girl who had her friend hit on her man to test his loyalty (That’s just borrowing trouble yo.)
  • I’ve heard of women going through their man’s phone, wallet, and just basically invading his  privacy. (If a woman feels the need to do that, she needs to stop dating him. relationships need trust..mmmkay?)
  • My mom knocked a guy unconscious once with a bat for putting his hands on her. (My mom’s got issues but she’s a don’t mess with a woman like that.)
  • I knew a woman who once conducted an exorcism on her husband because he told her he didn’t want to be with her anymore. (Like full-blown exorcism including speaking in tongues.)
  • The most CRAZY thing I’ve EVER seen a woman do is pull a razor blade from her mouth during an argument with her boyfriend and threaten to cut him. (I grew up in a bad neighborhood. She was not my friend but the guy was. I couldn’t even move when I saw it. There were about 5 witnesses and all of us just stood there with our jaws open. To this day I don’t know how or why she kept a razor blade under her tongue…GHETTO and CRAZY right?)

I only decided to write about this because I’ve made a couple of observations recently.

  1. Have you ever noticed that at least 90% of the men you talk to claim their exes are crazy?
  2. When I feel insecure I feel significantly more irrational than normal.

I can’t help but wonder if that many women are crazy? How can that be possible? Also, why do I stop being the intelligent woman I normally am when I start feeling insecure with my love interest? I can know I am being stupid and still occasionally behave stupidly. Uggh. Let’s consider the first point.

Do you think that many women are crazy? I don’t. I do think it’s possible that many women can BEHAVE crazily. ****Let me qualify this with, I am not referring to really insane women like homegirl who pulled a razor blade. I am not qualified to say I understand that kind of crazy. I am referring to the over the top, emotional and yes irrational outbursts women can have.**** How does the average women go cray cray?

Easily my friends..very easily. Why? I think it’s because of insecurity. Remember women have 3 basic needs: 1. emotional security, 2. physical security, and 3. financial security. I’m not just basing this off of me.  No I don’t think every woman is insecure. I think we can feel insecure during a relationship. Maybe the man is not providing what she needs as far as security; or maybe it’s in her head..I don’t know…yet…but I’m working on it.

So here’s my early theory by way of using myself as an example: I am pretty confident. I am physically fit and emotionally stable..(I can be stupid but I’m stable.) However, I used to be challenged with the invariables I can’t control in a relationship. Why has he not called? Why is he distant? Why, why, why..blah blah blah..stupid, stupid, stupid (this is the behavior I am referring to as stupid. Please don’t be offended, we have all done it as women)….BUT once I realized my text was not going to be responded to in the next um…5 minutes, I would grow unsettled, uncertain and then mad. In fact it’s probably worse for an independent and confident woman to then start feeling insecure.  I didn’t know what the feelings meant. So maybe I festered. Then the next time I spoke with him, I threw it in his face with a sharp tongue. Maybe I even waited like um…3 weeks to do it. (I’m being real so women can know they are not alone…so don’t judge me.) This leaves the poor man thinking, “What’s this crazy chic talking about?”  Maybe it was worse than that but maybe I don’t want to share all that..mmkay? Ya get the point I’m sure. I felt bad over an unintentional slight, didn’t properly communicate it and let the small and tiny issue explode. oops again!

What’s my moral? I promise I have one.

Ladies: Don’t go too crazy or you will lose the man. I know it is hard. I can only tell you what I do (what I have done in the past while in a long term relationship.) When you start to feel crazy/jealous/angry take a deep breath and consider the reasons why. Quite often, I will pray for clarity or for GOD to remove insecurity out of my heart-this really works for me. After I take a breath and really think, the feelings go away.

Men: Women need security. This means even if you think she is being ridiculous or emotional (she may not be for the record) that you need to stop and assure her or realize the why behind the actions. I get that it’s probably very draining to do that but if you care for her, she needs gentle reassurance. (Now if she’s truly crazy, RUN; but if she’s feeling slightly insecure and only behaving crazily, reassure her.) Even super independent, strong women crave security in a relationship. In many ways I need that reassurance more because letting go and being truly vulnerable and open to love is hard for me.

Until Next Time…Ciao!


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  1. I’ve missed reading you advice! I’m catching up right now! Anyways, I wanted to stop by and see how things are going 🙂 Guess what?? I joined a couple of online dating sites (I’m not paying for them or anything), and I find it all exciting right now, but I don’t know at the same time, if that makes any sense. Okay, I’m off to your other posts! Talk to you soon!

    Comment by Audrey | May 20, 2013 | Reply

  2. It does make sense and I am wishing you lots of luck. Just remember to not enter it with any set expectations. Also remember that you are a beautiful person on the inside and out and do not need any jerk you are dating who may treat you otherwise. Oh and be prepared for some crazies and for a whole lot of rejection. I think the constant rejection (either rejecting the guys or them rejecting me) was the hardest part. I started online dating thinking I would be the biggest catch out there and then realized pretty quickly that a lot of guys didn’t agree with me. I.was.shocked! lol Please keep me posted Miss Audrey!

    Comment by datinginvegas | May 20, 2013 | Reply

  3. I love this post and it is so very true. xoxox

    Comment by Amy | May 21, 2013 | Reply

  4. Brilliant! I love your advice to both women and men at the end. I will be following. 🙂

    Comment by dingdongitsmrwrong | May 29, 2013 | Reply

    • I appreciate it! I try to always give advice to both genders. Gotta look out for my male readers too!

      Comment by datinginvegas | May 29, 2013 | Reply

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