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3 Meal Bit#@: What’s Your Label?

Labels  I hate labels. I really do but….yeah I’m going to label for a minute. THEN I’m going to offer a different perspective. So, um wait for it-k? I have been giving a lot of advice lately. (I know you’re wondering why but there’s no need to be rude-right?) So as I was saying, I’ve been reading through different people’s dating problems and one common issue I read about  is men or women that always get stuck being the booty call or the back up date or the I want you back person. I can relate to back up but I’ve never had a guy only try to hook up. LET ME QUALIFY: I’ve always had a guy pretend to court me. Hence, I’ve been the 3 meal bitch girl many times.

This means a guy has thought I am worth investing about three meals in and if I’m not putting out by then, they lose interest. Kinda like I’m cute but not special. (No I am not labeling myself-I really do think I’m pretty awesome…I mean blunt, bubbly, smart yet silly women aren’t growing on trees ya know!) The exception to this would be men who actually kinda like me or the major players that feel my limited experience is a major conquest… BUT..I already done learned that lesson so I aint gonna fall fer it. I can also relate to the “I want you back” girl. Funny how that works. You see they treat me like crap and then somewhere down the road they decide they’re sorry and I’m the most amazing woman they’ve ever met . All I can say to men or women who are getting this line is to really consider what that means. How bad were they? Is this the type of behavior that really can change? (An example of that was my ex husband was an alcoholic. I knew he would never be a good husband as long as he was a viciously mean drunk. I also doubted he would ever stop drinking. Hence, there was no way he could ever treat me right or change and therefore no chance of reconciliation…ya follow me?) Also, I can’t stop thinking if I am so great why did the man treat me so poorly? Boundaries my peeps…think about your boundaries. That’s all I gotta say about that.

So I’ve been reflecting on what it takes to be labelled by a person of the opposite gender. Here’s a big secret: I’ve always secretly feared that last label. The I want you back label. It concerned me that I don’t inspire men who claim to love me to really treat me right. I mean it really worried me for a while. I thought maybe it meant that because I am so self-sufficient, no man will ever want to take care of me. (um no I don’t need pay my bills. I can make my own money yo..) I mean they wouldn’t want to be in a loving partnership with me. I feared I am not the kind of woman men feel like that about but that I am the kind of woman a man likes to take for granted. The kind of woman men don’t want to be tender to or to cherish or to marry or blah blah blah blah.I even had a guy tell me that in the past.  Before you even go there…I already know that’s STUPID.

don't label me

I spent about five years owning that label. I took bad experiences from a marriage and bad experiences from a dumb ass who used me and just assumed that was the type of woman I was and the fate I needed to “own.” That is just so absolutely ridiculous. What makes me special? I am every woman. No doubt. I really am fierce and tender and independent and needy and classy and ghetto and good and naughty. I don’t need to own any label that anybody gives me.. I don’t need to prove myself to anybody. I am unique and so are you. So what’s my advice after this long rant????

We are not a certain type of anything. Each and every person you come across in life is going to find value in you or not. I am not a nag by nature but I really think I will go to my grave trying to encourage people to never let anyone trample your boundaries or stymie your individuality. We  can’t change people and we shouldn’t even want to. So, don’t own any negative “label” about yourself. To believe it is only going to draw that energy to you. Each new encounter with a possible love interest is a fresh start and a unique situation.  Drop the label. I leave you with a challenge. Think about what makes you special. I guarantee there is plenty. self esteem

Until next time…Ciao!

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Homegirl Went CRAZY

Sometimes, women go crazy.  I’ve written about this before. If you are a woman, you’ve been there or at the minimum you’ve had a girlfriend do it…but seriously, you’ve probably done it (yeah you have.) You know how it goes… We.Just.Went.Off. Now I am pretty sure I’ve outgrown most crazy behavior BUT that doesn’t mean I didn’t get drunk 6/7 months ago, get bored and drunk dialed my ex repeatedly prank calling him. It was kinda fun immature. (Yeah when you drink too much they should take away your keys AND your phone …just sayin.) I can’t speak for all women but I am passionate and with that comes intense feelings.

gone crazy

The last three years has been all about personal growth. I am trying VERY hard to not be so stupid.. BUT like I said I am a passionate person by nature. I feel deeply, I laugh loudly and I cry hard. Have I ever gone crazy? Well yeah..kinda…derr. By most standards I’m pretty tame. My friends don’t call me Goodie Sara for nothing but in the past I have…

  • Gotten scared over nothing and broken up with a man..multiple times (yeah I know…dumb)
  • Internet stalked..err snooped..yeah snooped (and he got all upset like I evaded his privacy or something..geesh calm down)
  • Yeah I followed my ex husband once (in my defense that was while I was investigating the THIRD relationship he had) but I felt like a mega sleaze doing it
  • Spent countless hours wondering why a guy did or did not do something (like obsessively) and then bugging the heck out of my friends for their opinions. ( oh and when I didn’t get the answer I wanted, I would argue…guess that was annoying…oops)
  • Yeah I’ve thrown a few things back in the day (BUT he had it coming I swear)

I’ve seen some even crazier things!

Crazy lady

  • Had a girlfriend wait outside of her man’s house because she thought he was cheating (um he wasn’t but jealousy will kill a relationship quicker than almost anything.)
  • Knew a girl who had her friend hit on her man to test his loyalty (That’s just borrowing trouble yo.)
  • I’ve heard of women going through their man’s phone, wallet, and just basically invading his  privacy. (If a woman feels the need to do that, she needs to stop dating him. relationships need trust..mmmkay?)
  • My mom knocked a guy unconscious once with a bat for putting his hands on her. (My mom’s got issues but she’s a don’t mess with a woman like that.)
  • I knew a woman who once conducted an exorcism on her husband because he told her he didn’t want to be with her anymore. (Like full-blown exorcism including speaking in tongues.)
  • The most CRAZY thing I’ve EVER seen a woman do is pull a razor blade from her mouth during an argument with her boyfriend and threaten to cut him. (I grew up in a bad neighborhood. She was not my friend but the guy was. I couldn’t even move when I saw it. There were about 5 witnesses and all of us just stood there with our jaws open. To this day I don’t know how or why she kept a razor blade under her tongue…GHETTO and CRAZY right?)

I only decided to write about this because I’ve made a couple of observations recently.

  1. Have you ever noticed that at least 90% of the men you talk to claim their exes are crazy?
  2. When I feel insecure I feel significantly more irrational than normal.

I can’t help but wonder if that many women are crazy? How can that be possible? Also, why do I stop being the intelligent woman I normally am when I start feeling insecure with my love interest? I can know I am being stupid and still occasionally behave stupidly. Uggh. Let’s consider the first point.

Do you think that many women are crazy? I don’t. I do think it’s possible that many women can BEHAVE crazily. ****Let me qualify this with, I am not referring to really insane women like homegirl who pulled a razor blade. I am not qualified to say I understand that kind of crazy. I am referring to the over the top, emotional and yes irrational outbursts women can have.**** How does the average women go cray cray?

Easily my friends..very easily. Why? I think it’s because of insecurity. Remember women have 3 basic needs: 1. emotional security, 2. physical security, and 3. financial security. I’m not just basing this off of me.  No I don’t think every woman is insecure. I think we can feel insecure during a relationship. Maybe the man is not providing what she needs as far as security; or maybe it’s in her head..I don’t know…yet…but I’m working on it.

So here’s my early theory by way of using myself as an example: I am pretty confident. I am physically fit and emotionally stable..(I can be stupid but I’m stable.) However, I used to be challenged with the invariables I can’t control in a relationship. Why has he not called? Why is he distant? Why, why, why..blah blah blah..stupid, stupid, stupid (this is the behavior I am referring to as stupid. Please don’t be offended, we have all done it as women)….BUT once I realized my text was not going to be responded to in the next um…5 minutes, I would grow unsettled, uncertain and then mad. In fact it’s probably worse for an independent and confident woman to then start feeling insecure.  I didn’t know what the feelings meant. So maybe I festered. Then the next time I spoke with him, I threw it in his face with a sharp tongue. Maybe I even waited like um…3 weeks to do it. (I’m being real so women can know they are not alone…so don’t judge me.) This leaves the poor man thinking, “What’s this crazy chic talking about?”  Maybe it was worse than that but maybe I don’t want to share all that..mmkay? Ya get the point I’m sure. I felt bad over an unintentional slight, didn’t properly communicate it and let the small and tiny issue explode. oops again!

What’s my moral? I promise I have one.

Ladies: Don’t go too crazy or you will lose the man. I know it is hard. I can only tell you what I do (what I have done in the past while in a long term relationship.) When you start to feel crazy/jealous/angry take a deep breath and consider the reasons why. Quite often, I will pray for clarity or for GOD to remove insecurity out of my heart-this really works for me. After I take a breath and really think, the feelings go away.

Men: Women need security. This means even if you think she is being ridiculous or emotional (she may not be for the record) that you need to stop and assure her or realize the why behind the actions. I get that it’s probably very draining to do that but if you care for her, she needs gentle reassurance. (Now if she’s truly crazy, RUN; but if she’s feeling slightly insecure and only behaving crazily, reassure her.) Even super independent, strong women crave security in a relationship. In many ways I need that reassurance more because letting go and being truly vulnerable and open to love is hard for me.

Until Next Time…Ciao!

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What You MEANT Doesn’t Matter..derr

At what point are we accountable for our own actions? I get bad actions as the result of trauma or issues. I was married to an alcoholic for 13 years and my mother is a drug addict. I am compassionate to the fact that I understand it’s an illness. Some people argue that it’s not. I watched a good man battle demons he could not control. I watched him become someone he secretly despised which just fed the disease. BUT at what point does that excuse people from their actions? I may get some angry emails from this but I’m sorry it doesn’t matter. Man is defined by his actions. I just don’t care about the disease or the why. I only care about the selfish actions. I only care about the results. For example: You may be an alcoholic but at what point is it your fault for tormenting people in a drunken rage? The first time? The second? The 100th? I believe in forgiveness but I also believe in not allowing someone to continuously hurt me on the grounds that they didn’t mean to. So someone’s been hurt or has an addiction and is now treating others poorly. Why should he/she get a pass? I have no free pass. Why should you? In my humble opinion, the only people who get a pass are children. However, once they grow up they are also accountable for their actions. We are accountable. I could apply this to so many aspects of life. I worry about a society that thinks it can justify anything with, “he had a terrible home life.” Give me a break. No one better ever use that on me. I have had things happen to me too. I only mention it because if you are scarred that’s okay. We all have scars. I have a scar literally on my face to remind me of my childhood. It’s okay to have a history. I am not judging that.  It’s okay.

What’s NOT okay is to justify actions on the grounds of he/she didn’t mean it. I am not saying don’t forgive. It’s not about that. Forgiveness is divine. I suppose boundaries apply here.  I have seen girlfriends of mine hurt over and over because her husband doesn’t mean to do it. I have seen men cheated on over and over because they believed deep down the woman is good. I have been hurt because he didn’t mean to do it. I may not mean to do something once…but if I am repeatedly hurting someone it doesn’t matter why it only matters that I am. So like um is there a point? (yes there is) but I’m gonna be blunt about it because that’s the mood I’m in….

Ladies: Please quit trying to change some guy you’re with because he doesn’t mean to do the things he did. I can’t stress this next part enough: it doesn’t matter if he is really a good man inside. What are his actions? If he’s acting like a douche he is one. “A man is the sum of his actions…” by Gandhi, Mahatma.

Gentleman: Stop trying to turn a bad woman into a good one. Do not let yourself be fooled with drama queens (they come in all types of packages.)  “You can’t turn no hoe into no housewife.” by Ludacris

Boom goes the dynamite.

Until next time..Ciao!

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Dating Advice – Boundaries

So the coolest thing happened. I started getting emails asking for dating advice. Not hundreds (thank goodness) but quite a few! I take this as a big responsibility and I will never disclose the info to anyone BUT..I do want to talk about a common theme I am hearing about…


When I say player I am referring to anyone who is playing at dating. This could be as serious as someone who is dating multiple people for selfish purposes or as mild as someone who doesn’t really want the same things as you but can’t communicate that or doesn’t know it. He/She is playing with your feelings. This can be intentional. However just because it is not intentional doesn’t mean you should tolerate it. (post on that topic coming)


When I use the term boundary I mean a set of standards that you need in a relationship. These could be rigid like a certain income level or body type. Or they could be as simple as a person who is honest and doesn’t smoke cigarettes.  My boundaries are I want to be a romantic priority. I’m not giving any man my attention or my valuable time if I do not feel like I am the only love interest in his life. Another boundary is common relationship goals. I will never seriously date a man who doesn’t want a long-term commitment. (yes I mean the settle down kind of commitment) That doesn’t mean I expect every man I date to want to marry me…derr…but I need to know that there is a commonality there.

I also find it so very remarkable that at the end of the day, so many people want the same things. Regardless of age or socioeconomic status many of us just want love. I do not feel qualified to coach on that. I do not know a lot about real love to be honest and I’ve only loved two men ever…I’m lying to you and myself cuz I know it’s three but maybe I can continue to ignore the elephant in the room…ugh I’m scared and straying off topic. In fact I am not even sure if either of the men that claimed to love me did. I suspect it was more the idea of me than me because neither ever really gave as much as I did in the relationship but that’s another topic for another time. The hearts capacity to love is so infinite it is rather amazing. I also know that you can love someone who doesn’t love you. However, please don’t ask me for advice about that. Although I do feel qualified to help anyone who wants to really meet someone without playing games or getting caught up in the pettiness of dating. I GOT that one down yo!

However, as I was saying we all have these basic needs. I think sometimes in our loneliness or our longing for someone we overlook signs of trouble. Not only that but it’s like we throw out the window what we need in a relationship or our “personal boundaries.” It is a problem women and men both have. (or can have) I get it…it’s tempting. I get lonely, I definitely want to spend my life with one person but I’ve spent time writing about boundaries for a reason. If you are only dating to fill a void, you are destined to fail. The void has to be filled first and THEN you will find someone. I know this is hard. I spent some time wishing someone would fix my worries (Ok, I really wished some man would just enter my life, tell me how wonderful I am and say, “I got this Sara” and all my worries would go away)  It doesn’t work that way. I do not feel eloquent enough to write this in essay form. I am going to highlight a few common things I hear.

  • When should I call him/her?  Whenever you want to. (Alert Alert to my crazy NOT call all day long. People don’t really like to be stalked) Why should you call when you want to? BECAUSE we are not playing a game. No time limit has been set up, there is no rule as to when you can/can’t call. Call him/her when you want to talk. It’s that easy.


  • What do I do if he/she isn’t calling or texting back? Sometimes I wish the text was never invented. Due to the fact someone can respond ASAP to a text, a lot of people are often left wondering why the text is ignored. Maybe the person is away from the phone or maybe he/she is in a meeting. We don’t all sit by our phone. What I encourage is to look for patterns. Is the person ALWAYS slow to respond? If so, that may just be his/her M.O. However, if the person ALWAYS texts you goodnight and suddenly stops (um not for one night, it takes more than once to make a pattern) then you may have an issue. It’s all about set expectations. For example, if I always text someone good morning and good night and I stop for a few days, I am probably losing interest. I’m sorry…so many people don’t want to hear that but it’s true. If you see this PATTERN (hint more than a couple of times) my advice is to ask about it. This doesn’t have to be confrontational. This is what I would say: “Hey I noticed you’ve been a little different lately and I just wanted to ask if everything is okay” If the man asks what do I mean or plays dumb, I would respond with, “It’s not a major deal but you used to communicate with me more and I’ve noticed you no longer text me, etc..blah blah blah” The response you get will be telling. I have a real life example.

I dated a very nice Detective once. We saw each other for maybe two months. He was funny and he was a native of LV like me and we had a lot in common.  We looked good for each other on paper. (He even went to my church) When we first started dating he came out of the gate sending me flowers and writing nice things to me while calling regularly. Then he stopped calling and texting as much. However, he has a crazy job-way more intense than mine-so I thought he may just need room. I made attempts to text him to which he would not respond until the next day. Then a pattern emerged. The last four weeks I dated him, he only called on Fridays to ask me out. Well…I practice what I preach and I called him out on it. He answered with, “I’ve been busy.” So I responded with, “I understand being busy but I’m looking for something more than just a once a week hook up. It’s okay if you lost interest and we can be friends. I think you’re a great person.” He responded with, “Ok cool, take care.” NO.EFFIN.JOKE! I wasn’t pissed until he just blew it off like that. It would have been so much better if he had said, “I met someone else” or “I just didn’t feel chemistry.” Meh I don’t care anyways and it was kinda funny how quick he was like “ok bye!”

napoleon_dynamite Like Napoleon Dynamite or at least that’s how I saw it..heehee. I was honest and that’s what counts. If all I wanted to do was go out on Friday nights, I would call my friends up. I don’t need a guy to go out.  WHAT HAPPENED???: I think he met someone he liked more but didn’t know how to tell me. Maybe it was as bad as I came in as a close second so he didn’t want to completely eliminate me. Who knows but he clearly lost interest and that happens my friends. My boundary is I want to be the primary romantic focus-not one of many. We will not be the perfect fit for everyone we meet.

  • He/She seems so nice to me when we spend time together but then they disappear. What is your boundary? Are you okay with that behavior? There is someone for everyone but usually the majority of us are looking for more. If so, do not fall into the trap. He/She is not that into you. If they were, you would know by his/her actions. I’m sorry..I’ve been there..It hurts. Free yourself and find someone who is into you.

What’s the lesson for today???? The SECRET is to look at the behavior NOT to look at your personal feelings or err lust toward the man/woman. Does the behavior of your love interest match your personal boundaries? If it doesn’t and you find yourself making excuses and compromising your needs…you’re selling yourself short. Don’t do that…cuz you’re fabulous as you are. Alone or Not. Until next time…Ciao!

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Love Songs That Suck!

I’m gonna hate a little bit. Sometimes I love me a love song. Unlike some people I know, when I am upset, love songs are not what I want to hear. In fact, all I wanna do is listen to rap music when I get in a mood like I am tonight. However, I can appreciate a beautiful song. (Just not tonight.) What I don’t get is certain songs that make no sense. If anyone reading this can offer an interpretation of one of the songs below that makes sense I would love to hear it.

So just for fun (it really is just for fun), I’ve created a list of love songs or songs of love (heehee) that I have never understood. Let the ranting begin.

  • Love the One You’re With by Crosby Stills Nash-Man I’ve never liked this one. Not as a kid when my mother played it and not now. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” How depressing. I especially feel bad for the woman he refers to as being with currently. I mean. “Honey I love you cuz you’re here.” That’s how this song makes me feel.
  • Creep by TLC – Yeah this may not make the love song category but I gotta include it. First let me say that I LOVE TLC. I just don’t get this song. “I love my man with all honesty but I know he’s cheating on me.” um..ok this isn’t good girlfriend. Then you hear, “Tho I might mess around, it’s only cuz I need some affection.” SO um…..why are they still together? Am I stupid to think this? I am not judging but if he’s cheating and she’s cheating—-why are they still together? That’s all I gotta say about that.
  • I’d Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf – What won’t you do Meatloaf? (who kinda scares me by the way) I mean he will go to hell and back for love. That’s a lot! I wish he would make a sequel and tell us what he won’t do. I need closure…just sayin
  • She Loves You by the Beatles – I also LOVE the Beatles and I get this is just a catchy lil number but it made the list for the Top 50 Love Songs of All Time..really?
  • Unfaithful by Rihanna – I LOATHE this song. When it comes on the radio, I change the channel out of principle. Such a beautiful melody and voice wasted by this. “He’s more than a man and this is more than love, the reason why the sky is blue……and to him I can’t be true.” This whole song is about how she madly loves the man she keeps cheating on. I.Don’t.Get.It. I really don’t. It’s so easy..stop it girlfriend. derr…

I know that some people don’t get why I like the music I do..I just do. Sometimes it’s the anger or the ego behind it. Sometimes the dancer in me just likes the beat. I guess I’m different..pun intended..This song below is one of my favorites. It’s the type of music that can momentarily distract me from depression or anxiety. (but the mother in me has to warn you to not listen if your kids are around or if you’re easily offended by bad language.) I’m not…so there.

Moral for today? Well…If I were to really stretch I guess I could offer that it does not matter what type of music you like as long as you find comfort in it…but that’s REALLY stretching it. Let’s just call it a fun post. Until next time..Ciao!

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Life’s About Game Changers

I am feeling rather deep tonight. The anniversary of the death of the father of my children, my husband of 13 years and my high school sweetheart is coming up. No I was not in love with him when he died. That does not mean I did not love him. You can’t stop loving someone you’ve known that long or have experienced that much with. (So I am not mourning in the same manner a widow would.) I am reminiscing.  I had a relative of his tell me tonight that I am one of the strongest women he has ever met and how much he admires me.

First off, um no I did not pay him. (yeah some of you went there.) I was actually touched and told him no I am not strong. I am resilient. I survive and I continue. Kinda like the bushes in my backyard that I didn’t water for a year and just came back to life. Boy howdy I am derailing again. I’m such a girl. This got me thinking of game changers in our life. I have had many so far.

Although I am older than some of my followers and younger than others, I know there will be more to come in my life. A Game Changer is something that happens to you that profoundly changes who you are. (Hopefully it is a change for the better but perhaps that’s not always the case.) For example, I had a very traumatic experience (actually I had many) but one incident stands out  that forever changed my viewpoint on life. I discovered at 8 that the world is not a safe place and parents will not always protect you even if you are a good girl and even if you say your prayers every night. This didn’t make me a worse or a better just..changed me. This was my first game changer. My second was a little happier.

I gave birth to a son at 20. GAME CHANGER! I will never forget them bringing him into my hospital room in his little bassinet and…leaving him with me! I panicked! What am I supposed to do if he cries? Um I didn’t even take homec. Um I don’t even think I spelled it right just now. Obviously I discovered that babies are a lot tougher than they look. I only dropped him a few times. (I keed I keed) Actually the game changer for me with this was realizing all I really wanted for that baby is for him to have a better childhood than I had. I wanted him to always know he came first and to really put him first. All of my selfish motives flew out the window the second I looked into his eyes. “This is real. I may not be ready but this is real.” So that’s what I did. I started at a very low spot in an office and worked my way up to management. More importantly, I tell that kid (and his brother that followed) I love him at least 10 times a day. When all is said and done, my boy’s  know I have their back. I never knew how to give that much to anyone until I became a mother. That baby that was wheeled into my room at 20 made me a better person. Game changer number three was rougher.

I dreamed of being married like 60,000 years. Okay maybe not that long but a nice long time with lots of grand babies and a cranky old husband. (Don’t judge my dream. I’m a simple woman by nature.) It didn’t happen. I married the life of the party and one day the party ended. One day I realized I can’t do this anymore. One day I realized I didn’t even like the man he became. That same day I realized I don’t want my sons to think that being like him was acceptable. I was sitting at the table and eating dinner with a man I couldn’t stand. I’m so so sorry but it’s true. In a strange way I snapped. (There’s more to the story but ya get my drift.) I realized I needed to find a way out because this was slowly killing me. Game Changer. Just like that all of my dreams came crashing down. I was in a bad situation and no amount of pretending was going to make it otherwise. It took courage I never knew I had to stand up to him but I did it. The most recent Game Changer is perhaps the most profound yet.

So then that same man died. I wish I could say he died in a car wreck. (If you find that crude I am sorry) My heart breaks for car wreck victims. He died senselessly and violently and in a way that embarrassed his family. It left us all scratching our heads and wondering why. It changed the way I looked at life forever. Sometimes, he was a jerk but he had this HUGE spirit. To think of him being gone forever is still hard to believe. Such charisma and such potential and such a waste. To tell my children their father was gone was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do..I mean ever. There were also things I should have said. There were things I wish he knew. The story of him is over for now. No more chances. Game Changer. As I said this was the most profound. I no longer look at problems the same. There are problems and there are “PROBLEMS.” I really started thinking about this when I found out my office is being closed. Yeah in no more LV office after next week. I am worried. I am a single mom and need to provide. The fact that I didn’t positively break down in a panic says a lot. It’s just not the end of the world. There are worse things. So how does this apply to dating?

Well you see we all have this baggage or maybe I should say this series of game changers in our lives. If anyone tells you they are “drama free” they are living under a rock or lying. It’s just not possible. Life is drama. What is possible my friends is to take those game changers and make something positive out of them. I think I talk about this a lot but..please do not let those game changers prevent you from moving forward in life. Life is still good and you won’t meet anyone worth knowing if you do not continue to move forward and stop looking backwards. Until next time..Ciao!

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