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What I’ve Learned While Being Single

I read somewhere once that you discover who you really are while being single. I think that makes a lot of sense. You see when you have never really been alone, you do not really have a way to truly gauge what you prefer as an individual. Once this is defined (in my humble opinion) you have a much better chance of creating a long-term relationship that lasts. So…I’ve been thinking about this lately.

I have lived alone almost three years now. Prior to that I had never lived alone. I moved out during my senior year of high school (grateful to escape) with my high school sweetheart and never looked back. Then after lots of broken promises and painful experiences, I decided to choose happiness. I chose to be alone and rebuild myself in the hopes of finding a REAL partnership down the road.  At first, I was scared. (Not scared of paying bills but scared of every sound outside the house and every noise the house made.) Then….I loved it! I mean I can dance until 10:30pm at night, use both sinks in the bathroom, and all of the closet space is mine! Now enough time has passed that I am adjusted. So what have I discovered about myself?

  • I do not like living alone. I do not NEED a MAN, but I don’t like being alone all the time. I would give up the closet space for the right person (right person..not just anyone.)
  • I crave intimacy more than sex (yeah I said sex dude.) I really never knew that about myself.
  • I have a strong inner child. I let her out all the time. (I play laser tag and roll down grassy hills while my kids laugh.) I forgot about that while married because my spouse was always trying to control me.
  • I am capable of learning to fix things. I am capable.
  • I still REFUSE to kill a bug. Oh and I run screaming from then like a sissy la la (yeah guess I am not that capable.)
  • Although for my age my number of partners is very small, I am a highly sensual woman. I never knew that while married. (um not because of marriage itself but because I was in a bad one…for the record.) 

I think the biggest thing I discovered about myself is that I do not like being alone. I am not ashamed to admit it. I would like to qualify that with the fact I did not run out and settle for just any guy. I think I’ve set some boundaries and stuck by them. Hence, I am still living alone. I never thought I would be the type of woman to feel that way. I am so strong and independent by nature. I really want someone to talk to at night and someone to hug me when I had a hard day at work. Geesh…it’s like I turned into a pansy. Ah well…be true to oneself I always say. So what’s my lesson? (yeah there is one) If you are jumping from one relationship to another, you may need a break. Sometimes the best way to discover what you really need is through solitude. A man/woman doesn’t define you..he/she is supposed to compliment you. We need to know who we are first in order to find something meaningful with someone else.

Until next time….ciao!


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