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Play By Your Own Rules

Anyone who follows my blog knows I do not believe dating is a game. Its not…period. Unless you’re dating a player..a player plays…I’ve written about it here. You see? The truth is it is real life and hopefully we are all grown ups. Yeah I know…most of us aren’t. That’s another topic though. My optimistic outlook or perhaps my lack of experience can be perceived as weak. This means I get picked on by some of my girlfriends.

I know their intentions are good. A lot of my friends either try to protect me from my naivety or encourage me to broaden my horizons. I know some of them think it is just nuts that I have not had more casual affairs or more affairs period. I am quite often shrugging off their good intentions. This happened early last week. However, before I go there, I need to back up.

I have been practicing what I preach. Every guy I’ve dated recently has been exclusive. They may not know it, but if it goes beyond the first date, I am not juggling. I promise you it is working. Perhaps I am not madly in love but….I am weeding through the players left and right. IT’S EFFIN GREAT!!!!! No More Games!!!! Me likey a lot!! So yes, when they disappear for days, I kick them to the curb. Would you like to know why? Cuz they’re playing…derr.

It’s broken down like this: the rules

  • Guy disappears for days…I kick him to the curb for running hot and cold (in a nice way..This is a Good Girls Guide.)
  • Guy wants to get to sexually aggressive with me in only 3 dates……NEXT.
  • Guy doesn’t take time to see me or speak with me or even ask a question…On to the next..

What I’ve been doing in return:

  • Dedicating my time to getting to know men as individuals…Not as a game or as a means to get out of the house.
  • Only dating one man at a time.
  • Really making an effort if I like the guy to let them know I am interested.

Is it the answer??

I don’t know. I can tell you that if you’re tired of players….don’t play by their rules. I feel good about it and I feel good about myself. I am no longer caught up in any of the BS involved with juggling dates. I am not worried if the guy I am seeing is juggling. (It becomes really obvious in less than two weeks.) Once I notice it…I just move on. It’s not like they owe me anything. However, I am being true to who I am and I am playing by MY OWN RULES! Not some wannabe playa playa from the Himalaya….(Yep I went there…) Oh and guess what???

I met someone who I really really like this way. I know if I had been up to my old serial dating ways like last year, I would never have really gotten to know him. (But I don’t want to jinx it…and I am not one to kiss and tell.) I bring him up because I need to tie in the getting picked on by my friends. Last week I broke off a date with a pretty nice, successful man. I don’t want to serial date. I like who I am choosing to spend time with. It may be something real…it may not. My friends started mad dogging me over breaking up…”You need to keep your options open.” “What happens if this doesn’t work out?” Um….It doesn’t matter is my point. My rules…my life. What happens if it doesn’t work out? Then I just start over. What have I lost? The point is if I can’t give him my full attention, I will never KNOW if it can work out. Derr…Why is that so hard for some people to understand? Dating doesn’t have to be a game……besides, my heart is certainly not something to play with.

Until next time….ciao!



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  1. It sounds like things are going well for you. I’m happy for you! Dating is super hard, but it sounds like you have really figured it out. Good job. I always knew you were the smart one.

    Comment by yourvegasdate | April 5, 2013 | Reply

    • Thank you! I definitely do not have it all figured out. I am fearful, and I have doubts and insecurities like everyone else does. I do feel like I’ve figured out how to get rid of players, how to not project my past failures onto the guy I date, and how to not get caught up in the pettiness of it all. I have a stalker now..which I’m about to write about next. (scaaaary stuff) I also think it’s very passive aggressive to contact me through my blog. However, since you went there…I pray every night for you. I really do. I hope you sleep well with the decisions you made.

      Comment by datinginvegas | April 5, 2013 | Reply

    • Oh and yes I am doing very well! I hope you are too.

      Comment by datinginvegas | April 5, 2013 | Reply

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  5. […] If you met him online DO NOT look up his online profile once you start dating exclusively. I used to do this. It is dangerous. First of all, you look it up and then you see he logged on yesterday. WTF? Now you’re mad but…maybe he went on to see if YOU logged on. Now he checked again and sees that you have logged on and the vicious circle begins. No one wants to admit they did it so it’s like this big online dating elephant in the room. The last guy I dated online for more than three dates did this and I FLEW off the handle. By this I mean I dumped him. I don’t care because he was not the one for me but it was awfully stupid and dramatic. I feel stupid just admitting it but change is all about facing your flaws! So I can honestly say I have been dating the same man for a little while now and I have not once looked him up. I have been tempted but here’s the thing: If he is going to stop seeing me for someone else it wasn’t meant to be. If he is dating multiple women, I will know it. It is very easy to tell when you do not have a man’s full attention. If I lose his attention then he wasn’t right for me and I will move on. (after I curse him out and TP his car..but that’s another story. hee hee I’m kidding..really I am.) I mean what do I care if he logs on? I am not logging on and that’s all that matters. Click here to see my rules..remember? […]

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