Single in Sin City

A good girls survival guide to dating in Las Vegas

10 Tips About Dating in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a beautiful, crazy city.  I’ve included a few tips to dating in sin city that I have observed…Enjoy!


  1. VIP means the guy/gal goes to the same casino a LOT (I’m judging anything other than using that phrase.)
  2. Entrepreneur usually means unemployed (consultant can sometimes mean that too)
  3. Someone stating they live with family probably lives with their parents. (Hey I get that people may need to take care of their parents-I plan on doing that myself- but if you are living in the room you grew up in at 40-you’re probably not my type.)
  4. I do not recommend dating someone who is still living with his/her ex. (This is not something I’ve done but I have witnessed it. This is a recipe for disaster. Danger Danger-and for some reason I’ve been hearing about it a lot lately and perhaps it’s our job market)
  5. Do not ever two-time a police officer. (I happen to love and attract police officers but I am not a two-timer either. This is once again sage advice I am sharing from someone who experienced it recently. You probably don’t want to break a cop’s heart in this town-for realsies.)
  6. For my gentlemen friends: Please do not complain about not finding a good women in this town when all you do is date strippers or base a woman’s worth on her bra size. (I am NOT hating on strippers or the well endowed…but really.)
  7. For my lady friends: Please do not complain about not finding a good man in this town when all you do is date a guy’s wallet. (Yep I said it like that. There is more to life than money.)
  8. For ALL my friends: Please quit complaining about being alone when you cheat on everyone you date. (Um I can pretty much guarantee you will not keep anyone of quality in your life if you always cheat. So if you’re acting like a player that’s all you’re gonna get.)
  9. Beware of anyone that moved to Las Vegas abruptly, without a job, and without a valid reason. (Saying you moved here for the jobs is NO LONGER a good reason. People often move to LV to escape or run from something else – I don’t know why.)
  10. Las VegasAlways look for signs that the man/woman you are dating is living a relatively clean life. (This means if you are dating someone who makes great money but is always broke and always at the casino then he/she may have a problem. This is sin city and it’s called that for a reason. There is too much temptation here for someone with a highly addictive personality.)


I love Las Vegas. I struggle with the dating scene BUT this is a city unlike any other in the world. What I can’t seem to figure out is…Why does everyone I talk to – single men and women – complain about finding a good person to be with? I hear it so much I wonder what “good” must mean. Seems like there are a lot of lonely people struggling but 99% of the men I date are icky. How come we struggle?

Anyways..Until next time…Ciao!


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  1. I am not from Vegas, nor have I ever been… but I think these tips still make me smile 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

    Comment by angelicreader | February 18, 2013 | Reply

  2. HAHA! These are awesome

    Comment by Amy | February 18, 2013 | Reply

  3. I would like to use one of your articles in my upcoming issue – I’m a local publisher here in LV. Please contact me asap and let me know if you’re interested!, couldn’t find any other way to contact you.

    Comment by Shawna Michelle | July 31, 2013 | Reply

  4. You speak the truth, sensei! It feels like quality people are looking for trash, and trashy people are looking for quality. Not everything the glitters is gold. Vegas people should know that!

    Comment by Anthony M. Wright, Esq. | January 30, 2014 | Reply

  5. This is what makes dating in Vegas even so much more difficult. You think you have meet a good match, but times weeds out all the lies and you find yourself even more frustrated that you wasted time with yet another fraud….

    Comment by Vegas Matchmakers | February 23, 2014 | Reply

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