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I’m in Love with a Texter


Psst: I’m not REALLY in love with a texter but I wanted your attention! I am noticing a trend in this dating game that is starting to bother me. I have more guys texting me than I know what do with. AND…here’s the real kicker….I haven’t even met half of them! What the What????

In fact, if love were measured in text messages, I would be a very loved woman. The funny thing is that texting doesn’t provide the companionship I’m looking for. Also, I’ve text some of these guys so long that I am way to nervous to meet them in person. This is mainly because I’m a punk there has been so much build up I am afraid of discovering their true personalities. I mean it is easy to text and be anyone you want. (But once again I am digressing) I am not even bothered so much as annoyed.

I am annoyed by all the texts. I mean I don’t have time to TEXT ALL DA&* DAY!  I work man and I have kids and a life. If we are dating, I promise I will make time for you but I don’t have time for BS. Yes I appreciate a morning text and a goodnight text (um from someone I am DATING not random strangers.)  I only gave my cell number to the guy in the first place so we could meet. Why are you only texting me? What could I possibly have to say to you ALL day. How do I respond to messages like: “Hey Sexy.” Um “hi” is about all I got if there’s time in my hectic azz day to respond. Here’s some irony…if text messages were boyfriends I’d be a pimp but I’m STILL single. Oh dear…I’m getting off topic again. So here’s my advice for my fellow LV daters meeting people online (and all daters really.) Wait for it………………………………

  • Initial online contact made
  • Briefly chat online
  • Exchange numbers
  • Text ONLY long enough to set up a date
  • I recommend a simple meet and greet-coffee, etc.

BOOM goes the dynamite! It’s really simple. Until next time…Ciao!


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  1. I like to have a phone conversation before the first meet. I have talked to guys for 5 minutes or less and been able to figure out there is really no need to meet. I have put my foot down on texting. I will do it for a few days but if “hey let’s grab coffee or a drink” doesn’t come up within a week…NEXT! I will stop responding to all texts. People get away with this “text dating” because we allow it, we are active participants in the BS.

    Comment by dawnienic | January 21, 2013 | Reply

  2. I have the same issue! What is the deal with these men and texting. One guy I met on match would text me, and if I did not respond within 30 minutes, would say, “I suppose you’re not interested.” Hello! Gainfully employed here. Def not interested now. Shew. Glad I’m my the only one with this issue!

    Comment by twochicsandablog | January 22, 2013 | Reply

    • That is hilarious because I can’t stand it when guys text me all day and expect me to respond quickly. I’m at work-lol!

      Comment by datinginvegas | January 22, 2013 | Reply

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