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Loving you HURTS…knowing when to walk away

There's a reason why a million love songs have been dedicated to how bad love hurts. It's actually kind of funny. There's all of these songs dedicated to how awesome love feels and there are all these songs dedicated to how bad it hurts. That's my humble opinion....there's a time to walk away from love. Remember how I wrote about not compromising?'s easy to let go of someone you don't love. However, it's hard to let go of what we cherish. We all need to feel secure in love and have basic needs that must be met. When those things aren't a concern for the object of your love, its time people.....

Like a moth to a flame, I have in the past just kept running back to what made me feel safe. To who I loved. To who I thought loved me. BUT...if your love is not being reciprocated, why do we keep returning? Do we have to reach a point where it hurts more with the person than without them? Do we have to wait until they have crushed the last of our faith in them-leaving nothing but hate and venom for that person? GEESH - I sure hope not.

Trying to force someone to give you what they do not willingly offer you just leaves bitterness and regret. So how can we walk away from what feels good and safe and secure? The answer is easy. Just get up and go.....Cry your tears in private but go....

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know...easier said than done-right?

Until next time...Ciao!

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