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A good girls survival guide to dating in Las Vegas

There’s a time for compromise…..It’s called LATER!


Yeah I said it…compromise later! I want to talk about something I am seeing as a pattern among some of my friends and associates. There is a major difference between having a give and take relationship and compromising what you need in a relationship.

For example, I have a girlfriend that only dates buff black men that make over $100k per year. She will not budge on any of that. She is VERY serious about ONLY finding that attractive. She is still single.That’s perhaps being rigid. I happen to be one of those rare people that likes a variety (No not at the same time-I know that’s where you went.) This means I may find you attractive if you’re between 5’7″ or 6’5″. (the fact I am super short might account for that.) I don’t care what color the hair is or the skin is. I care about the person and overall presentation. What I have been famous for-in the past-is compromising what I need to be happy. In fact I stayed in a bad situation for 13 years as a result. What does that mean though?

That means no man/woman should compromise what they need to be happy. Is your significant other ignoring you? Do you only see them once a week when you need more company than that? Here’s a favorite of mine (no giggles please.) Is your partner satisfying your physical ( Yeah I said PHYSICAL) needs? Relationships are hard work. There will be MANY times you have to compromise. Compromise on what types of food to serve, on important purchases, on housing situations, on which movie to watch-but you  should never ever compromise on what you need from them. Oh and I said NEED not WANT. So is there a moral to this? Yep I promise there is….wait for it…..

………..I see too many women and men compromising on what they really need in order to not be alone…..especially in a town as complicated and crazy as Las Vegas……

I can assure you I am done with that behavior. How do you begin? Start with being aware of what you really need out of a relationship, then set boundaries. If someone can’t give you what you need after you have lovingly (hint I mean nicely) communicated this with that person…well it’s time to walk away. Do not sell out what you need in order to not be alone. It’s not good for you or the other person. Trust me on this one…I gave up a chunk of my life. It doesn’t work.  Remember-it’s okay to be alone sometimes-you’re fabulous just as you are.



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