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Things I CAN’T STAND about dating


I feel Charlie Brown crying is apt! Sometimes I feel like crying. There are just some things I CAN’T stand about dating. I know dating is a necessary evil. I mean how else am I going to meet someone? I just hate the way this town works (maybe other towns too-I don’t know.) Las Vegas-and this is MY home town so I can hate a little bit-is just so shallow. I feel like men are always on the lookout for something better and women are always on the lookout for more money. I know I am not alone but sometimes-like tonight-I feel like the last girl scout in a town full of nasties.

This is all stemming from a guy I refused to date cursing me out tonight. He actually told me just because I’m cute I didn’t need to be a B*&*c. I wonder what his thought process was? Maybe now that he spoke so gently to me, I am going to fall into his arms? I was really nice about it. I don’t get it. This motivated me to create a list of things I hate about dating.

  1. I hate weeding through all the wannabe players. So many VIP’S in this town I could hurl.
  2. I am tired of men coming on super strong and then just disappearing
  3. I will punch the next guy that asks me to send him a promiscuous picture. (this comes from online dudes.)
  4. I am exhausted from putting myself “out there.” (Ladies and Gentlemen, you know what I mean. I feel so exposed lately. I am confident but this is wearing me down.)
  5. First dates suck! I can’t seem to make it past a couple dates with ANYONE. I just don’t feel I need to compromise at this point in the game.
  6. I can’t stand the thought of another nervous dinner, sitting across from someone I’ve never met and trying to determine if I should slip out the bathroom window.

Okay, my rant is done. I feel better! However, I am being sincere about dating. I wrote my list and now I step back from it and think….who cares? When I search my feelings, I don’t think I do. What happens shall happen. Let’s sit back and enjoy the crazy ride. Keep the faith my peeps!!!!!

PS: Anyone offended by this post, please disregard. I mean it is just a blog by a simple woman.


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  1. That guy who cursed you out is a total douche and an idiot. You are lucky you did not waste much time with him.

    Comment by factorhere | December 14, 2012 | Reply

  2. The dating progress can be frustrating but don’t give up.

    – K.

    Comment by Day Today Dating | December 16, 2012 | Reply

  3. Thanks K! My Mama didn’t raise a quitter!

    Comment by datinginvegas | December 16, 2012 | Reply

  4. Love it!!!

    Comment by Janean | December 16, 2012 | Reply

  5. The guy cussing you out reminded me of my first online date. We had texted and talked on the phone about a week , and he sounded like a decent guy so we decided it was time to actually meet. We decided to meet right after work for a casual “meet” of a meal and a drink. (Note: “a drink”). I explained that it would take me about 20 minutes to get to the place after work so I would not be there until 5:30. At 5 he texted me that he was there. um… ok…. Still… I won’t be there until 5:30. So,I get there at 5:30, straight from work. He texts me where he’s at. He’s sitting at the outside bar, where there is no one else but the bar tender. Hum……. ok, lets just go with this. He sounded nice on the phone, so maybe not a big deal, still in a public place. Well, Mr. “Nice” appears to already have had a few “drinks” and chatting up the bar tender, he ordered Nacho’s for us and asks what I want to drink. OK, still giving the benefit of the doubt, hey we all are nervous about those first meets. He gets a little friendly at times, but I’m nice. I just move a bit, move his hand away. It’s not overly bad, but for a first date was just “Icky”. He has another drink. Well, I make a nice, make a polite excuse to get out of there. (I had already planned on no more than two hours to eat, talk, get to know each other anyway). I left and went home. Next day he calls. As politely but firmly as possible I told him it just wasn’t going to work between us. He gets mad and for two days I got Nasty texts on how I was a “player” and owed him about $40 for food and drinks. It went on for at least a day and a half. I just did not respond. Um…. I’ve been called many things over the years but “player” was not one of them. I was married 20 years, then a 3 1/2 year relationship which ended and put me into the dating “game”. That was my first experience from On line dating.

    Comment by Sea Play Photography | February 13, 2013 | Reply

    • He ordered NACHOS for both of you? What a Moron! You’re lucky you followed your instinct and got the heck away from him. He had 30 minutes to get a buz on before you even got there. Yeah that’s a bad online date. I’ve actually met a couple of really nice guys online but it’s hard. Thank you for sharing. It always helps to know you’re not alone 🙂

      Comment by datinginvegas | February 13, 2013 | Reply

    • Oh and getting called a player is priceless! hahaha

      Comment by datinginvegas | February 13, 2013 | Reply

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