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Worlds Quickest Relationship- FAIL



Most people who know me understand my pattern. I date the same guy once or twice and then discover the major flaw that allows me to stop and move on.  This practice allows me to date 2-3 guys at once very casually as I try to discover who might be the one guy I click with. I am NOT using these men – I can buy my own meal. I just want to find the right guy and I figure why waste anyone’s time on Mr. Wrong.  Finally, I met a guy that made it past the third date.  However, my overprotective friends had many questions .

One special friend in particular wanted to know what he did for a living (he traveled a lot.) I did not think too much of his job because – hey I am one busy gal myself.  Although my friend persisted that he was not who he claimed to be. During this time frame the man asked me to date him exclusively. Actually, that is putting it mildly, he gave me an ultimatum. The ultimatum did not offend me because he really did make a strong argument and I thought his reasoning was logical and fair. Also, I actually liked him.  I agreed with him and immediately ceased conversations with other men.  Yet my friend remained skeptical.

My friend dubiously posted a fake online profile up on the dating site I met him at. (hint ladies and gentlemen-if you want to date someone exclusively, take your online dating profile down.) She used another friends pictures and lured him into a trap online. Well Romeo fell for it and not only took the bait but initiated it!

Now because this is my blog and one thing I stand for is honesty, I must admit I cried a little-like a punk.  I was stunned and embarrassed. I mean why did he ask if he was still dating? What’s the point? I still don’t entirely understand. WAIT!!! I still didn’t tell you the best part! He asked me on a Friday and this happened the very next day!! Let’s count together: Friday – Saturday = A ONE day relationship! Hold your applause and stand back ladies……the award for the shortest relationship is ALL MINE…….

How did I react you ask? I reacted like all sweet, well behaved girls do. I cursed him out and deleted his information….derrrr


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  1. Don’t let em make you lose your sexy. I’m guilty, I speak from repeated and recent experience lol. One word for you….NEXT! Quit it and forget it!

    Comment by dawnienic | December 6, 2012 | Reply

  2. Yeah I hear you but that one really pi*&ed me off ! Sexy went out the window-lol!

    Comment by datinginvegas | December 8, 2012 | Reply

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