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Online Dating – WHAT?

I plan on spending a lot of time on this topic. I am fascinated by it and I have many theories on the feasibility of the entire thing. I wanted to start with a few down and dirty experiences I  have had.

The who the he&* are you for real?

I dated a man who had multiple names and profiles. This problem seems to happen more with men. Ladies beware of any man who feels the need to have multiple online profiles. I mean what for?  He gave me his number to text him so I googled it. The number was reported by a woman who claimed he became very angry when she stated she would not go out with him anymore. She also stated she found him online several times under different names. That’s just super creepy.

I have discovered a man I was talking to online was married. If you are as against this as I am, I will give you a quick tip. If the man who messages you with no profile picture but emails you a picture-RUN. He’s married and hiding it so it will not get back to his wife.

I recently dated a man I was quite smitten with. The only problem was he had a “job” that prevented him from contacting me for over half the week. He gave very little personal information and what he did give did not match what I discovered via research. The jury is still out on this one. Married, shacking (yes I said shacking) with a woman, embarrassed over his real job, “HO’s” in different area codes, or flight attendant. I am just not sure but I plan on devoting another post to my mystery man. Stay tuned!

So what’s the point of this you say…I can tell you I am just scratching the  surface of my online dating adventures. I will say to be careful-and that goes for men too. You just don’t know who these people are.

December 4, 2012 - Posted by | Mistakes, Online Dating

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